Tragedy as Local Police Officer Shoots Five, Killing Three

The motive behind a tragedy that happened on Saturday in the town of Hurbanovo when an off-duty town police officer shot five people, slaughtering three men in cold blood and injuring two more, all from the same family.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The motive of the killer Milan J. is still not yet clear, but the tragedy-stricken family is now mourning a father, son and son-in-law, with another son from the same family is lying in a critical condition after a bullet penetrated his lung. His wife is also in hospital in Komarno, but is now stable, having only been shot in the thigh.

After executing his premeditated murders in broad daylight around 10 am, the man with over 20 years service as a police officer, threatened to shoot himself outside the mayor’s house, but the police eventually managed to pacify him after two hours of negotiating. The murderer is married with two daughters and there are fears in the town that the grief-stricken family and friends will want some kind of revenge or that public disorder will ensue.


  1. After the recent European Court of Human Rights decision against Slovakia (Koky and others v. Slovakia) you would think that the Police would at least pretend to be a little more careful in their investigation but this seems not to be the case . Here is the link to info on that case

  2. James,


    Sorry mate, I think you just lost the plot of this news forum .

  3. Not wanting to do something really boring, like get back to the topic in hand, but has anyone else heard sentiments like these in the last two days?

    ‘These things happen when you give people free houses and they just rob and steal.’

    ‘It’s not surprising when decent Slovak people get 500 Euros a month and gypsies get more in benefits.

    And even ‘Good, that’s three fewer of them.’

    Three people have been killed in a violent attack. Personally, I would close comments for a story like this. But if you’re going to say something, at least address the event and the issues surrounding it properly. The quotes above (all of which I’ve heard in the past 48 hours) show that there are already more than enough people out there not prepared to do that, without this forum adding to them.

  4. Ian , keep stuffing the car full of those sheep mate . Lot`s of lonely winter nights for you to prepare for .

  5. I have faith in the police and the law system and nothing will be covered up and the truth will prevail not matter what you think George

    1. Ian – your in the minority in this country then!

    2. faith (n.): A belief in a thing which does not exist.

  6. Smug, you obviously have an inferiority complex – and it’s fully justified.

  7. Well said Alec. All he does is moan about a country where he works and lives maybe its time he heads home and moaned about his own country.

  8. Slovakia remains one of the safest countries in Europe, so George please take time out to look at the English statistics for violent crime – horrendous. Presumably that together with the projected economy growth rate of 2.5 % is why you begrudgingly live here. Whilst I am sure the whole of the Slovak nation feels indebted to you for all your valuable missionary work, incredible insight into religion politics and culture, perhaps it’s time for you to consider a new challenge.

    1. i like 🙂 sooooo agree can`t be bothered even reading his comments – total waste of my valuable time but yours was fab :))))))

    2. Well said Alec maybe its time George went home then he can moan about his own country and how great things are there.

    3. Alec – your right! The crime stats show that the UK is the most violent country in Europe even though it has the toughest criminal laws and jail sentences.
      Having agreed with you there I do have to point out some details that put these figures into perspective.
      Using threatening language or behaviour is classed as a violent offence in the UK and is recorded as such. Carrying a concealed “weapon” even if you don’t intend using it as such, is a violent offence. So there is a major difference across Europe as to what constitutes a violent offence.
      Let us now turn to some hard facts about the SK – The country is officially rated as medium crime risk based on reported figures, published by the SK govt. BUT over 70% of Sks have such a low regard of the police that they will not bother to report crime. Only 20% of reported crime ends with the culprit being detected and charged. The crime stats are doctored at every level and of course crimes involving theft or damage below a certain value are not recorded at all. A brighter mind than mine pointed out that stats can be manipulated to prove or disprove the same arguement.
      Do I feel safe in the Sk – yes, I do, slightly more than in the UK.
      Do I have faith in the Sk police and legal system – No I don’t.
      I think the point George M is trying to make in his own unique and sometimes controversial way, is that the victims of these murders are not cold yet but the Slovak bullshit machine is already hard at work, ably assisted by the media, to paint the victims in less than glowing terms as some form of justification for what has happened.
      The only “facts” that interest me are that an off-duty “policeman” took an illegal, unregistered hunting rifle, drove to another town and shot 5 people in cold blood.
      Why the “real” police didn’t shoot him dead when he was sat on the mayors’ house steps with a weapon drawn eludes me.
      We will now be entertained by all manner of defence ploys which already include the old “loss of memory” excuse. I watch and wait for Milan to face justice, something he denied his victims.

      1. I feel safe in the Sk too. As a white European, you’re not going to get attacked or threatened for no reason the may you might in small-town England on a Friday night.

        If I was one of the Roma community, though, my feelings would be very very different, and I’d have zero faith in the so-called justice system too.

        If this killer is brought properly to account, I may revise my opinion. But the early signs aren’t great.

  9. Blimmy EXPAT your odd rant kinda makes me look normal, no ?

    …naaaa OK, I take that back .

    1. Further update …with some quite stunning facts from the unbiased and oh so competent Aryan Slovak Police force . Remembering Loghead was claiming a while ago to be one of this group .

      1. Police do not believe that the shooting in Hurbanovo on Saturday that resulted in the death of three men from one Roma family and injuries to two other relatives, was racially motivated??? Explaining that if it had been racially motivated ,the man would have killed more people ???

      ….How many people did he have to shoot then Mr Policeman, for it to be a racially motivated attack ?

      2. Milan J. left his car and started shooting with a gun that was not licensed to him.

      ….Does it matter ?

      3.The police officer was not on duty at the time of the shooting.

      …. Does it matter ?

      4.After he was detained, the police informed that the police officer was not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and the police stated that during the initial Court hearing Milan J. had suffered some memory loss.

      ….So the story goes, as far as Milan J remembers, he was using a wall for target practice, using a gun he found in the street and the Roma just stood in way of the wall , trying to catch and even steal the lead bullets, to sell for scrap then ???

  10. Suppose enough is enough! What does it take to have to have the blind eye to crimes when racism and constant bigotry is involved. Steal a chicken and nothing happens, steal a pig and nothing happens, steel a dozen sheep and nothing happens… this gets old after a while and people go crazy! Is it right, no, but when the laws are different for one race in Slovakia than the rest, what is the point? EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!
    Sad when a hard working individual has to scrape by on a measly earning, when the Roma can get paid just to have their children attend school! Same treatment for all, hardly!

    1. Quite apart from the prejudices expressed, what does this post have to do with anything?

    2. EXPAT – at present there is no suggestion that the victims were involved in any criminal activity.
      Slovak Law? – If you ever fall victim to crime in this country you will astonished to find that the investigating officer can decide, without reference to you, your insurers or advisors, the value of the property stolen or damaged. If he decides the value is below a certain amount then no crime has been committed. The law breakers know this and tend to stay within the prescribed limits when performing their activities.
      So your call for equal rights for all will fall on deaf ears. Even your basic rights to the ownership of property are ignored by the legal system in this country.
      It makes the crime figures look good though and you can bet your bottom dollar that the value of something stolen by a Roma will be assessed as greater than the same thing stolen by a “white Slovak”.

      1. ….at present there is no suggestion that the victims were involved in any criminal activity……

        You are wrong. 4 of the 5 victims had criminal history. My guess is that the one without criminal history was the woman.

        1. Losgar – The fact you don’t understand the difference between activity and history, and didn’t bother to fully comprehend my comment ” at present” i.e. at the time of writting, once again demonstrates what a complete numbskull you are.
          Criminal Record/ History? – past offences.
          Criminal Activity? – doing something criminal at the time.
          From your comment it would appear that people with a criminal RECORD are fair game, which is bad news for a good proportion of the SK population.
          Irrespective of what these people may or may not have done in the past or were in the act doing, that does not justify any police officer, real, Mess aka Police or imaginary to act as judge, jury and executioner.

          1. You are wrong again. I didn’t mean at all what you are suggesting. What is wrong with you??

            Yes, I meant criminal record. My bad. But the rest of your comment is just biased and clearly you have decided to make a target of me.

            Stop being so sensitive about England and please try to accept other opinions. And also stop guessing next time, if you don’t know bite your tongue or your fingers and think about how wonderful life in England you could have if you didn’t get stuck in SVK.


            I wasn’t so wrong. You just keep making stuff up. Your English arrogance is controlling you.

  11. Dave C, your missing the point, it never happened in SLOVAKIA …all being air brushed out already . All those Roma, those Hungarian, those investigated as thieves and all those that actually had criminal records.

    Not True Ayran Slovaks ..the policeman never existed as well as a Slovak .

  12. A sad day for Slovakia.
    No doubt more details to follow.

  13. Bit of an update as one feels this is already a, `lets brush this under the carpet, racist incident ` as Mr Robert Kaliňák, the Interior Minister is already treating the case in his normal pre judged matter …yes, lets start by smearing the victims with confidential info …. all Roma, Hungarian, investigated as thieves and actually had criminal records ….all good reasons to justify the shooting of them and to the baying Aryan race .

    ……Milan J. reportedly knew the residents of street, where two Roma families live and with Interior Minister Robert saying he had visited the houses during police duties. Four of the five victims of the shooting had criminal records according to Kaliňák. It is reported that the municipal police had recently detained some of those living at the house due to a robbery of a precious metal. Milan J. and the victims of the shooting are of Hungarian nationality and the police stated they do not believe there was a racial motive behind the shooting………yea right ..and it seems like Mr Policeman and his look the other way bung was not forthcoming quickly enough ??

  14. Never get involved in internal grief …..Que Loghead .

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