Transport, Defence and Labour Ministers Chosen

Slovak Parliament (c) The

The new government of the landslide election winner Smer-SD led by PM in-waiting Robert Fico is starting to take shape as the various ministries and other key posts are handed out.

The Bratislava regional head of the party Martin Glvac has been chosen for the post of Minister of Defence, but like his predecessor Lubomir Galko, it is not an area he is particularly familiar with.

The key post of Minister of Labour will go to Jan Richter, who has been active in the party administration for years and who Robert Fico feels has the necessary skills to deal with demanding tasks while being socially sensitive. He also admits that this will be a new field for him, and so hopes his nomination of Branislav Ondrus as State secretary will help.

Former finance minister Jan Pociatek will be taking up the post of Transport Minister, which is responsible for large volumes of EU funding, for instance. His key tasks will include speeding up and increasing the drawing of EU funding.

The final division of posts will be known tomorrow, when the management board of Smer-SD will endorse the nominations at least formally, because the privilege of designating posts falls to party chairman, Robert Fico.

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