Trnka occupies Deputy AG chair and can re-run for AG post

Trnka: "I am confident I will be back"

Former Attorney General, Dobroslav Trnka, who watched his seven-year term in office end last week without an elected successor, has been selected by interim AG Ladislav Tichy as the new Deputy Attorney General.

This means the two men basically changed places, informs webportal

Trnka is now the deputy for the penal, international and organisational agenda. In a kind of farewell speech on television, Trnka held nothing back in his criticism to PM Iveta Radicova and other members of her coalition.

There was some dispute over whether Trnka could stand for re-election, depending on the formulation in the new revision to the law adopted by the government, but now it turns out that he can. This is because the government agreed to prevent the change from being retroactive, and so an AG elected before 1 May 2011, i.e. Trnka, can hold the post again.

The election of the new AG is expected in May after the revised law takes effect, making the vote public instead of secret.

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