Trust in EU: optimistic Slovaks, pessimistic Czechs

Some interesting statistics came out of a recent poll on the level of trust EU citizens have in the European Union, with the Czech Republic proving to be particularly pessimistic in this respect, while its little brother Slovakia almost tops the list in terms of optimism.

photo (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

According to the latest survey results released by the STEM polling agency, just 46% of Czechs have faith in the European Union, which is the lowest level recorded to date. This is, in fact, the first time the pessimism has dragged the figures to under 50%, although earlier polls have wavered around this threshold. The highest level of trust to date was 62%.

The agency feels that a possible factor behind the weak figures could be the overall mistrust in the euro currency that still prevails in the Czech Republic, boosted further by the recent difficulties the eurozone has been having. The slump can be seen also in respect of the European Parliament, with just 39% of Czechs having faith in this European institution, also an all-time low.

On the contrary, a Eurobarometer study quotes as many as 71% of Slovaks as having trust in the European Union, putting Slovakia into top spot in the index. The Slovak figures are 28% percentage points higher than the EU average, with as many as 76% also expressing faith in the European Parliament.

Nine out of ten Slovaks (89%) believe that the economic and monetary union should be preserved together with the euro currency. The Eurobarometer study was conducted on 1,031 respondents in November 2010.

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