Tuesday marks the start of ‘official’ talks on coalition agreement

The new government of SDKU-DS, SaS, KDH and Most-Hid has very little time to get its policies mapped out before they take up power. Discussions have already being going on in the background since the elections, but the official negotiations of party representatives on the new coalition agreement will only start tomorrow 22 June, one day ahead of the deadline facing PM Robert Fico, before he has to stand down.

“Tuesday’s negotiations will be about formulating a manifesto, and be the prologue for how responsibilities will be divided up in government and parliament”, said KDH Chairman Jan Figel after KDH party leaders met on Monday. Tuesday will also reveal some of the issues already agreed on by the four parties, but the details will still be fuzzy.

Figel said how “encouraging” the progress was that the parties have already made, but that they in effect had nothing until a full agreement has been reached. He remained optimistic, though, stressing that progress was being made in this respect, while refusing to clarify any concrete agreements made so far.

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