TV Personality Pyco is Appointed UNICEF Ambassador

Martin "Pyco" Rauch

On Thursday 21 July the Slovak Committee for UNICEF appointed well-known Slovak TV presenter Martin Rausch, nicknamed Pyco, as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Pyco will therefore be sent on missions to promote the activities of UNICEF, which he said is better than promoting something commercial for money.

Pyco also said if people who live well were to put just 2 or 3 euros aside a month for dying children, the situation would be helped significantly, as even such a small amount can help save the lives of a few children every month.

Pyco is from Bratislava and has been involved in show business for almost 20 years, presenting top entertainment programmes like Superstar and Let’s Dance, among others.

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  1. Perhaps if these nations with dying kids stopped having quite so many , then they would not be dying ??? But then they have so many , because so many of them die .

    Sad fact of lifeis that much of Africa is a staving mess, because it run buy corrupt, nationalistic and plain greedy ego Africans ……Slovakia is no better or different , look how Slovaks treat the Roma, the old and the poor ?

    Save your 3 euro Pyco and campaign for a more just world of Government !

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