Two arrested over dubious tenders at Interior Ministry

Another case of corruption in public procurement has been finalised by the Anti-Corruption Office after it pressed charges against a top official at the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday.

The Anti-Corruption office has filed charges of embezzlement against the unnamed official and an entrepreneur involving several tenders that have been called since 2009. Both the men have been taken into custody.

The tenders concerned the purchase of equipment for the police force worth EUR 2.7 million, from which the two men are accused of taking commission worth around EUR 178,000.

Interior minister Daniel Lipsic announced the news at a press conference yesterday, informing that the official had been working at the ministry for seven years in the material and technological department, which deals with material purchases. Lipsic therefore said the case could eventually involve more tenders, and so the ministry will conduct an audit of all tenders that took place while the man was in office.

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  1. What about the bent ministers who are exempt from criminal prosecution?
    Gotta love that law/rule

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