Two more commemorative days added to Slovak calendar

Slovakia has decided to add another two memorial days to its calendar, one a remembrance day and the other a celebratory one.

Parliament’s decision to amend the Act on National Holidays yesterday means the country will now recognise 10 August as a day of remembrance for those who have perished in the mines, by making it the Day of Mining Disaster Victims. The remembrance day was motioned by opposition MP Vladimir Janos from the Smer-SD party, but it will not be a national holiday.

On a happier note, a group of MPs from leading ruling coalition party SDKU called for  1 May to be celebrated as the Day of Slovak Accession to the EU. The 1 May is already a national holiday as it is when Labour Day is celebrated in Slovakia.

Here is a full list of holidays and memorial days in 2010.

Date Week Day Name
January – 01 Friday Day of the Establishment

of the Slovak Republic

January – 06 Wednesday Epiphany
February – 14 Sunday Valentine´s Day
April – 02 Friday Good Friday
April – 04 Sunday Easter
April – 05 Monday Easter Monday
May – 01 Saturday Labour Day
May – 08 Saturday Day of victory over fascism
May – 09 Sunday Mother´s Day
June – 20 Sunday Father´s Day
July – 05 Monday Saints Cyril and Methodius Day
August – 29 Sunday Slovak National Uprising anniversary
September – 01 Wednesday Day of the Constitution

of the Slovak Republic

September – 15 Wednesday Our Lady of Sorrows
November – 01 Monday All Saints´ Day
November – 17 Wednesday Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
November – 28 Sunday First Advent
December – 05 Sunday Second Advent
December – 06 Monday Santa Claus
December – 12 Sunday Third Advent
December – 19 Sunday Fourth Advent
December – 24 Friday Christmas Eve
December – 25 Saturday Christmas
December – 26 Sunday Second Day of Christmas
December – 31 Friday New Year´s Eve

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