Two New Bridges Between Slovakia and Hungary

As politicians on both sides of the River Danube tend to burn bridges, two new bridges are planned over the Ipel River between Slovakia and Hungary.

Life in Pastovce set to change (c) Szeder László

According to an article today on SME online, the first bridge will span 100 m from Pastovce in Slovakia to Vámosmikola in Hungary, while the bigger of the two bridges will be built between Chľaba and the Hungarian village of Ipolydamásd. Both bridges will cater for vehicles up to 12 tons.

As much as 85% of the financing for the bridges will come the EU funds for the 2007-2013 period, so the project is finally going ahead at the last minute. The remaining funds are to come from national and local government.

Local residents near Pastovce are excited about the new opportunities the bridge will bring, with work and shopping opportunities among some of the benefits, because till now they had to take a 20-30 km trip to make the 2.5 km journey.

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  1. PPfff!!!!! 12 tons,? cant wait for the 1st artic to roll over that…

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