Two Roma Convicted of Inciting Racial Intolerance

An unusual case has seen two young Roma from the town of Madunice convicted of inciting racial intolerance as part of the charges when in August last year they attacked a 63-old man in Piestany, who died two weeks later as a result of his injuries, SITA newswire reports today.

Justice (c) Avjorska

The charges of inciting racism appeared as the two Roma were allegedly shouting chants of “elimination of the white” at a public event in Piestany, making it is Slovakia’s first case of racism charges against Roma. The convicted youngsters reject the charges of racism, however, saying they are Slovaks and have white skin.

The two youngsters have been sentenced to thirteen years in a maximum security prison by the District Court in Piestany, but are expected to appeal. The full charges include disturbing the peace, manslaughter, and inciting racial, ethnic and national intolerance.

The deceased man’s family is also claiming pecuniary damages of EUR 30,000 from each of the convicted through civil court proceedings.

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