U.S. – Slovak anti-corruption workshop

A 1-day workshop was held this week with the attendance of U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia, Theodore Sedgwick, at the Justice Academy in Pezinok, which looked at ways to fight  corruption with the involvement of corruption experts from the USA and Slovakia.

“It is comforting to know that the current government is giving increased attention to the fight against corruption, but it is not enough only to speak about the extent of corruption in society, it is also necessary to lay down the conditions for its suppression” said U.S. Ambassador Sedgwick at the opening ceremony.

The ambassador admitted that the U.S. also has it fair share of corruption among public officials, but thanks to efficient legislative tools and measures, the U.S. is now a global leader in terms of revealing and punishing such crimes.

The workshop saw the attendance of various experts from the police, the justice sector and the prosecutor’s office.

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