UFO Sightings Worldwide, Including Slovakia

Slovakia is no exception as UFO sightings were reported all over the world in the past few weeks, with strange reddish orange glowing orbs being seen in the USA, Poland, Israel, Greece and Slovakia, according to RT.com.

The type of thing being seen all over the world

With many similar sightings in the past, caught numerous times on film, this time reports speak about three glowing orbs that moved like no man-made aircraft, possibly speeding 10,000 km distances at high speed, as reported sightings in the USA and Europe apparently happened almost at the same time.

Similar kinds of sightings are captured regularly, but in recent weeks the number of sightings has rocketed. Here you can view one of the videos of the phenomenon filmed in Israel or an ABC4 report from sightings in Utah, USA.


  1. If the Sk had a good satirical comedy team they would win awards the world over for their sketches based on some of the stories that make the papers here.

  2. The UFO on Novy Most is not as bad as on the Orange Building! The ship has landed!

    I would love to see more intelligient life forms on earth…especially in The Slovakian Government!

    Quick Joke!

    Waht is the difference between a Slovak Abroad and E.T? E.T. wanted to go HOME!!!

  3. They came to rescue George. Sadly unsuccessfully.

    1. They got rid of him Alec why would they take him back 🙂

  4. They fly here look around then leave I wonder why 😉

  5. I guess they might have come thinking Novy Most was a bad joke.

  6. Tigers, pumas, crocs – now UFOs, no pink elephants yet? The local moonshine no doubt!

    If there are other intelligent life forms out there in the cosmos, why would they come here?

    1. GPS broken

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