UK Silences Slovak Media with Reporting Restriction Order

Subject to a Reporting Restriction Order issued on 9 November 2012 by the UK courts on the specific case of a Slovak couple who had their two sons taken from them by Social Services, we have taken off all articles and accompanying comments on the case subject to internal review. The Order was sent specifically to the attention of Slovak media with the threat of contempt of court. We should be republishing all articles following a full review. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Nazism and dictatorship alive and well in the west.

    long live the Stasi. for a while but as like all their kind the end will come for them one short day.

  2. I wish someone here was Gagged by a court order!

    1. Cowpat you`re actually alive ???….Hell for one moment, I thought you were under that motorway bridge ? Someone had to be the teaboy .

  3. UK Social workers are scum of the earth ,and the only way they can survive outraged public opinion is by the suppression of all reports of what goes on in our secret and totally unjust family courts. .

  4. I’ve taken snapshots of the articles in question dated 5 November from Google’s cache and posted them at a domain I just registered:

    I await my kidnapping and caging.

    1. Why even bother ???? Oh because you can, with this new super power of being a non political refugee citizen of the world.

      People laugh at me, but I do it for fun. People laugh at you, but you are being serious ? There is no cure for that kind of stupidity .

  5. As long as the children are referred to as Child A, B and C and the parents as D and E say then that is enough.

    There is no restriction whatsoever in naming the council and I suspect as the social workers are public employees they too can be named.

    UK courts jurisdiction does not extend to the rest of Europe as this judgement is at odds at European Rights as well as UN treaty as well which both guarantee free and open courts and a freedom of the press as well as freedom to hold and form and voice an opinion.

    I think a formal complaint to the government of Slovakia to the highest echelons should be made and legal advice as to whether press outside of the UK have to respond to a civil injunction and perhaps seek a judgement at home nullifying the UK’s order in that respect.

    1. Dear AG, as already mentioned, I have been communicating with different channels on the matter as issues of jurisdiction especially for internet media are complex and often unresolved issues all over the world. As mentioned, we will be republishing our articles following revision in line with the full wording of the Order.

      1. Slightly amazed by that wriggling reply . This muse website, having taken the rather odd stance, of openly supporting Both the parents in this case, without a thought for any reporting restrictions, and/or only hearing their side case, aided and abetted by TVJOJ……..then screams `what about the freedom of the press` ??

        Seems to me that someone needs their undercarriage sown back on again .

  6. This is incorrect. The only reporting restrictions which were put in place were against the identification of the children. I was in court myself so can confirm this absolutely.

    1. Tim, what exactly is incorrect? Yes, the restriction is about identification of the parties in the case, or “any other particulars or information relating to the children”, among other things This is why we informed that we would be revising the articles, not deleting them.

  7. That`s democracy! I am impressed.

  8. The media’s whose reporters are in the UK can’t inform about this case as the reporters can be arrested. Probably they could press charges against JB and only after JB enters the promissed land of Albion he could get arrested? Am I right JB? There is no other way how the UK can enforce it’s law on a sovereign country.

    My first thought after reading this article was: Men in black are back again. All the UK court needs is the Neuralyzer. “Uh…ladies and gentlemen, if you will, look right here….”

    1. The Neuralyzer, yea now I get it, no wonder you dont ever remember what you read and have to make it up as you go along ?

      Are all Slowvaks in this MIB world plan then ? Would explain a lot .

  9. Well now that’s all over perhaps we can get back to more important questions; such as the mulled water wine at the Christmas market in Bratislava, and the number of insults George can chuck in before the new year. NASA”s predicting a mass human catastrophe on the 21st of December, so it’s as well to get in some good happy action before it’s too late!

    1. Your Priceless Smug !

    2. Mmmmmmmmm……….. mulled wine!
      Your right Alec. It’s time to clear the decks and prepare for the end of the world which will no doubt feature in future JOJ news reports along with their staff re-enactments and “expert” opinion from their pet “Logs”.

      1. Mulled whine ??…I thought that was drink taken, not stirred by our Cowpat and Golden O`head .

        Talking of Logs , does anyone her remember Yule Logs, Anyone ever ever eaten one since their childhood ? I am currently into a slice of Austrian marzipan Stollen with my morning coffee.

        As for Nasa ….they must have had their budget cut and being inventive, as they have no moon, missions, space shuttles and everyone has lost interest in the Mars rover, as all it is pic`s show is photo`s of Arizona desert?

        Wait for the rise in UFO reports and the wacko`s seeing lights in the night sky ….never sighting in day of course, when you can actually make out the images .

        1. Did anyone watch televised stupidity last night?
          Slovaks trying to blow up what is left of the collapsed bridge – classic viewing, YouTube Gold!
          Can’t build em or knock them down!

  10. f*** the uk courts, they can’t rule the rest of the world…..we are not in the world like from george orwell’s novel, or are we? anyway, they can stop the media, tv and newspapers, but they can’t stop facebook or twitter. people WILL know about this case!

  11. Freedom of the press ?? This come from the guy who takes great pleasure in telling everyone how they should be banned for their own freedom of comment ?

  12. J.B. – Well done!
    I believe this was foretold by a number of us, particularly after the rubbish JOJ broadcast in their “show”. I note JOJ are continuing as normal so hopefully their next report will be from inside a police van and after watching their idiot chasing the foster parents through the Royal Courts of Justice with a camera crew the other day, the sooner the better!

    1. Yes lets restrict media freedom, imprison journalists and avert our eyes from all the injustices being done in the world, so we can establish your kind of society and regress back to history. Nice philosophy Dave.

      1. JB
        Having witnessed real journalists risk life and limb to report the truth I find your suggection that the clowns at JOJ fall into the same category a tad sad.
        Restrict media freedom – Yes if it involves tapping dead girls phones or hassling people who have no direct bearing on the issue being reported.
        Journalism is about reporting the truth about injustice and thank God decent journalists do. If your happy sharing your label with those can’t even be bothered to report the correct titles or names of buildings, courts etc and have made no attempt to get answers to the real issues of the matter then it would appear that your standards are just as lax.
        In my society people don’t post Borat English comments on the Queen’s weekly schedule just because it is called the Royal Court List or break the law by taking cameras into court buildings.
        As I have said before, I don’t agree with the current law on reporting family matters, I don’t agree with the procedures of the Families Division, I would rather see all cases held in open court and infront of a jury but that idea would enrage the Human Rights lobby. Until such time as a law is changed I respect and observe it and I expect everyone else, national or foriegn, to do the same.

        1. Sorry but I don’t remember classifying any journalists here or putting them into separate boxes. On the subject of your ‘utopia’ society, I’m very happy for you, but it hurts me that you don’t appreciate our completely free service. we will try harder for you.

          1. mmmm, that old chestnut , the poor unappreciated me guilt trip . In my experience, you run a daft look at me Blog, when you want to be completely free and a Website to make money ..either from links, products or direct or indirect adverts. I would point out that whilst you provide the notepad, we provide the FREE comment …which is more often more amusing, factual and interesting than the actual article . The problem is, you often want to sit on a high chair looking down on us minions as Editor, when in reality we all make the community .

          2. I do appreciate The Daily, very much, not only are the articles informative, I find many of the comments truly educational.
            Maybe you should consider putting journalists in seperate boxes. There is no gretaer danger to democracy or the truth than any media form publishing or broadcasting biased, one sided, factually incorrect articles especially when it is being done to engineer a situation that they can exploit it for commercial gain.

        2. could you be more precise about factually incorrect please. On the commercial gain side, I assume you are talking about the Tv station. Im sure you enjoy the freedom of giving you biased one-sided views in the comments, at least.

  13. This is bull , You outside the UK, cannot be gagged by a Court Order in the UK …ask the Dutch of Cambridge ….

    What a cop out !

    1. Dearest George, for the past few months I have been communicating about this with people from the Council of Europe, from the UK, and media defence organisations and others etc, because I was aware of this possibility and the potential charge of contempt of court. The Order was sent specifically to the Slovak embassy to inform Slovak media about the restrictions. Unfortunately, even the full Order cannot be made totally public.

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