UK Police Send 700 Confiscated Passports of Slovak Fraudsters

Slovakia’s reputation in the UK comes into question after over 700 passports were sent by British police to the Slovak authorities in a massive scam involving child benefits for non-existing children, TV Joj’s website reports.

A Roma settlement (c) Margoz

The passports belonged to people from a settlement in East Slovakia who had been involved in a widespread money-making scheme. The passports sent by the British police were accompanied by around 1,400 forged birth certificates, which had been used to swindle the benevolent UK system, which relies on people being honest at least about how many kids they have.

People from the settlement discovered that by getting a forged birth certificate, they could get their ‘non-existent’ kids included in their passport and then claim social benefits for them. The Slovak Embassy in London is well aware of these cases, and says this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The scam means Slovak passports can be a valuable commodity (worth around EUR 700) and Slovak consulate Zuzana Chuda told the news channel that they knew of cases where whole families lost their passports simultaneously or of individuals losing them several times in one year.

Other similar cases have already been reported in the past, and can probably be expected also in future.


  1. Many Slowvaks got their `two passports` ( the other passport was a USA or Canada ) because they jumped Slovakia during Communism, claiming to be looking for asylum , when actually they were blood sucking, economic immigrants looking for someone else to pay for their better way of life. The Slovak Government gave them their passports back as a right, when Communism fell after 1989 on the bases they were forced to leave . Most them that I know, pay a little tax here and/or make a low medical insurance payment, and then come back to Slovakia for serious Medical or operative treatment, rather than pay the sky high medical insurance cost (or take minimum Ins Cover or Claim poverty for MediCare) in the USA or Canada for the possible same treatment in the in their new home . Nice eh ?

  2. Slovaks can have two passports ? –

    Is that one for the real world and the other for Fantasia?


    Is it one per brain cell?

    Study the online passport application forms of any number of countries and all state in the declaration sections that the information given WILL be shared with foreign governments for passport control and security.
    Most lists of invalid passports are not available to casual scrotes because of personal data protection legislation, Nigeria for example has no such legislation so you can view the details of every withdrawn, cancelled or invalid passport issued by that country by following the links from the Nigerian govt. website. That’s Nigeria, a suposedly Third World Country, that can manage to do it.

    Note: It is a serious criminal offence in most countries to make any false statements to obtain any ID document – but not here, where court cases take decades and there are not enough prisons for those who don’t manage to walk free.
    It’s nothing to do with fees or money – It’s more to do with corrupt, incompetents making a complete cock up of a procedure that a 7 year old could master.
    The International community should refuse to accept any Slovak passport until the procedures are secure which will have two benefits, all the crooks will be back home here and the rest of the world be free of them.

    1. I see you didn’t know about the 2 passports. I’m not surprised.

      So you didn’t find any web site article to prove what you said about how SVK officials don’t cancel passports on the international record? I’m not surprised.

      You found an article only about Nigeria? Maybe it’s because Nigeria is part of the Commonwealth. Good for you!

      There is not enough prisons in SVK? Are you sure about that? Or is it just another lie.. I mean metaphore?

      The international community should refuse SVK passports? Who is the community sweetheart?

      Pull yourself together man! You are losing it a big way!

      1. DC, before you bother……. as Mr J E Cann said …Loghead and his list of clones (Perdo, Ga Ga etc ) are only here to fight and cause problems . Personally I would ban him, as clearly he is not here to debate topics, but to abuse Non Slovaks. He us not even amusing … just a jughead .

        I’m glad to see Loghead is not letting his Slowvak education get in the way of his ignorance. Calling him stupid would really be an insult to Slowvak stupid people.

        BTW Log, Keep talking. I can always yawn when I’m interested.

  3. EXPAT
    No these are not forgeries, they are officially issued Slovak State passports.
    Here in neverneverland, any lame excuse will be accepted for a duplicate or replacement which can then be sold or amended if desired. The simple procedure of cancelling the “missing” passport registration number on the international records is beyond Slovakia’s finest, no doubt because of their state of the art paper chase of record keeping.
    The birth certificates I am not sure about, but if they are like many official documents in this country, they can be photocopied or scanned.
    If you or anyone else wishes to see how easy it is to get false documents – just Google “Forged Passports” – there are sites offering snide documents of all descriptions, for all nations.

      You wrote: “The simple procedure of cancelling the “missing” passport registration number on the international records is beyond Slovakia’s finest”

      Give me a web site link in any language to prove that you just didn’t make it up. In my opinion it’s a lie.

      You wrote:
      “With Slovak passports changing hands for as little as E 300.00 I am sure your perception of who is or is not at fault would change if one was used by a terrorist to conduct an attack in Amsterdam.”

      The terrorists already have the US or UK citizenships. I’m sure that having a SVK passport doesn’t make the terrorist feel that the hardest job was already done.
      If you want a passport of a EU citizen there are plenty of other options. For blowing up something is sometimes needed only one man=one passport.

      Now back to the topic: The Romas forged the birth certificate. Wrote a child’s records in their passport. Every passport had different writing but the UK services naturally assumed that it’s OK and everybody is honest – I still can’t believe how stupid the UK offices are.
      Solution: Ask the new parents for an appostilled birth certificate and keep a sample how a written record of a child in a passport looks like.
      If they ask for this only from the SVK citizens I won’t blame them.

      Question: How does a passport issueing offices in western Europe work, what is the procedure if your passport get stolen or you lose it? I guess you have to file some report and then they give you a new one, right?
      And probably if you got mugged, while your passport got stolen /it happened to me in Australia/, while they write the record they tell you how sorry they are that something like this happened.

      In Slovakia you can own 2 passports. For the reason if one of them is about to get expired but you need the visa in it or you are just about to run out of empty pages.
      The problem I see is that the fee for issueing a new passport is about 33EUR /??/, for lost passport 66EUR /??/, for damaged passport 66EUR /??/ and for stolen passport 33EUR /??/. Which means if I lose or damage /I tend to wash it with my pants/ my passport for the reason to save money I will report that my passport got stolen. The system, in my opinion, encourages people to lie. This should change, the price for issueing stolen, damaged or lost passports should be the same, otherwise the statistics about how many passports got stolen are incorrect.

      Now an assignment for George:
      George, if the English people are so honest was Cameron telling the truth when he said that the English are responsible for most of the problems in the world?
      If I never see you on this web site again I will assume that your brain blew up.

      1. You`ve been chewing the wrong type of grass for your cowpats Loghead, if you believe I am ever considering anything you say is ever true and bothering to reply to anycdemand .

        The `system` encourages you to lie ?? How Slovak is that, blaming someone else for his blatant theft of the State and the Taxpayer, by `just being forced to lie` because he washed his passport ?

  4. To claryfy everything:
    The passports were orginal passports. There was not forgery there. The problem was that our New British Settleres /NBS/ wrote in the passport by theselves an imaginable child or two.
    Then the NBS also provided the British social office /BSO/ with a fake birth certificate.

    The BSO trusted the NBS because something like this had never happened to them.

    The Slovak officials asked the BSO before for toughening the social benefit procedure f.e. by asking for apostilled birth certificates but the BSO answered that because of one group of people they can’t do that.

    Selling passports is another story.

    1. As I said ……cowpats .

  5. Oh yeah, 700 passports sent to Slovakia….

    what about the people that should be holding these passports?
    The new passports are not easy to duplicate….

    so are these all the old style passports or are these fake documents being produced by someone on the inside? Maybe one family just keeps changing names and registering over and over again with fake birth certificates to get new passports in different cities and villages????

    This I can see, as no government organization in Slovakia talks to the other or has any connection!

  6. Never trust an honest Slowvak then ??

    1. George – I’ve realised that honest Slowvaks are rarer than rocking horse crap!

        You wrote:
        “It would appear that Slovakia’s finest are responsible for the issue of passports. No doubt a paper driven system with little provision for making the most simple of checks and clearly beyond the ability of the police to manage.”

        When you wrote that you had no idea what you were writing about, right? That time you thought that the passports were forged or that the procedure of children written in the passport was done by SVK officials.
        You are so stupid and uninformed.

  7. Dr. P. Yes the criminals are responsible for their crimes, however thay are not all all Roma, some “white” Slovaks are involved in these scams.
    I agree that these people have taken advantage of the “stupid Slovak System” and the failings of the “stupid” UK system which assumes everyone is honest.

    The facts though, indicate that non of this would have occurred if Slovakia could actually manage to adequately control and police passport and birth certificate issues. That is clearly a function of the State and it is clear that Slovakia has failed in its responsibility.
    Your government, the French and Belgians are currently investigating similar cases at considerable cost to the tax payer. So, yet again the decent, honest EU tax payers are having to fund not only the criminal activity of Slovaks but action to remedy Slovak incompetence.
    This situation is the fault of the Slovak govt., the Slovak police and the general population all of whom have proven, yet again, that they can not be trusted or be expected to behave in a responsible manner.
    With Slovak passports changing hands for as little as E 300.00 I am sure your perception of who is or is not at fault would change if one was used by a terrorist to conduct an attack in Amsterdam.

  8. Afcours this is all the fault of Slovakia as a nation, especially the “white” Slovaks as some people here keep on saying.

    Who committed the fraud in the first place? Thieving, stealing Roma, let’s not forget that. Why they go to the UK in the first place, not to work, that’s for sure.

    Afcours it’s stupid that the Slovak system gives people the opportunity to commit this fraud, but still, if something is possible doesn’t mean you should be doing it. If I find an open car doesn’t mean I take it for a spin.

    It’s the fault in the first place of the Roma who did this.

  9. It would appear that Slovakia’s finest are responsible for the issue of passports. No doubt a paper driven system with little provision for making the most simple of checks and clearly beyond the ability of the police to manage.
    The 700 returned passports maybe just the tip of the ice-berg as UK and other EU police forces continue their investigations. There will almost certainly be a public backlash in the UK which Cameron will have to placate so I can see a lot of very unhappy Sks being deported back here to crime central.
    Diplomats will be keeping very tight lipped on the issue but I would love to read some of the memos flying around, especially amongst the security services.
    On the home front I am sure BnM will make all the right noises, even try to make light of the matter and no doubt place the blame on the shoulders of the dishonest Roma. Meanwhile the clowns in the Keystones will keep their jobs.
    Slovakia has become a joke in Europe, a dangerous joke.

  10. Come off it Dave. I know by your background you are made of sterner stuff than to keep attacking Losgar.

    1. Alec – Your probably right and I should take my own advice and just ignore the fool.

  11. Which group of non jobs issue passports in this country?
    How much is a snide birth certificate.
    Conning the British tax payer is one thing but what if some of these documents got into the hands of real nutters.

    As for LOGHEAD – You seem to wear the badge with some pride that your fellow countrymen are clinically dishonest and that you are all labelled the same.

  12. ..the benevolent UK system, which relies on people being honest at least about how many kids they have…

    This made me laugh.

    The UK system just met our Romas. The UK social people know how to take their kids but they don’t know how to count them. Maybe they should send their specialists to SVK for a few math lessons.

  13. I wonder how many times Loghead has `lost` his passport ??

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