UK Police Stop Another Scam Slovak Marriage

Belfast Town Hall (c) Ross

Another case of a sham wedding in the UK has been cut in the bud as the police in Northern Ireland stopped a marriage from taking place between a Slovak woman and a Pakistani man.

BBC News reported that the police stormed the wedding ceremony at the Town Hall in Belfast on Monday, arresting 22-yr old Slovak bride Veronika D. and two Pakistani men, including her false groom. They were immediately up in court the next day, with the judge deciding to keep the unhappy couple in detention while adjourning the case till next month.

The Slovak woman is being charged with false marriage, while her intended 22-yr old groom is up on charges of trying to remain the UK illegally by fraud. The other Pakistani man is being charged for abating and violation of the Immigration Act.

The UK has registered many cases of sham weddings, many of them between Slovak women and Pakistani men. The most recent case was in March 2011, when the police raided the Town Hall in Leeds and arrested several people in connection with the same scam. Another case from October 2010 saw a 35 year old Slovak woman arrested with her partner in crime.



  1. I feel safer already. It’s only quick action like this by the police that will keep India British.

  2. SaS has announced through spokeswoman Tatiana Tothova ,said this had gone beyond all thresholds and just proved what kind of Slovak she was, and so the SaS would refused to sit at the same table as someone with such behaviour and morals……………whoops wrong story, same crap thinking ,

    Slovaks giving lessons in good behaviour and morals……………dont make me laugh .

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