UK Social Services Take Another 30 Slovak Children in 2H 2012

Labour and family affairs minister Jan Richter announced yesterday that some 30 children have been taken by UK social services from Slovak families in the second half of last year alone, reports daily SME.

Protesters in front of British Embassy in Bratislava in 2012 (c) TheDaily.SK

Richter then made a comparison with Slovakia, saying that the cases are mostly justified and would have produced the same outcome in Slovakia, i.e. children would have been taken due to “irresponsible parenting”. This would apparently indicate that the labour minister has never been to a Roma settlement, where many children live in terrible living conditions. No need to mention that, though.

Richter was speaking to the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, noting how Slovak social services would have taken the same action if the cases had happened here. He did not forget to mention one case in Liverpool where the Slovak authorities might get involved in the hope of returning the children to their Slovak parents.

There is growing pressure from various sectors to have the social services system in the UK revised, but so far with no effect. Slovaks are now almost hypersensitive to children being taken by UK social services, after the much publicised case of Mrs. B led to two protests in front of the British Embassy in Bratislava last year. Her mother eventually received custody of the children here in Slovakia, and the whole family is now here, although the mother has no guardian rights at all.


  1. Slovakians are bad parents George m????? What about British druggies?? In the first place in Europe with highest pregnancies for 16 yrs teenagers???? Scumbags who doesn’t worn and never will due “” mental” problems caused drugs claiming benefits????? Would you be ever be able go to another country you don’t know with different language and start with nothing get to the biggest paid position???? As if!!!! You most stupid and u don’t even realise it take kids away from parents with false accusation for new generation with paedophiles gay and lesbians couple!!! You sick people like you shud be lock for good… Cheap beer that’s all matter to you and y crack brain

  2. When I first started lobbying in 2004 to end forced adoptions, Cumbria County Council stated , in response to an FOI that forced adoption, ” does not exist”. I later established that 98% of adoptions in the UK are forced adoptions. They do not need any reason to take your children, grandchildren, your chid doesnt have to be in danger or already been harmed. You wont get a fair trial, many human rights will be violated, and if you are upset by having loved oned forcibly removed , for no good reason, you will be gagged with a threat of Prison for speaking out.I cannot give the link to my website a CEO has ensured it was taken down, as they hate to be exposed in this criminal industry, where children are nothing but live cargo, being sold to the highest bidder.

  3. Well I’ve been in Slowvakia for about 1 month and oh dear what a crazy country. Would gladly see their children taken into UK care, taught how the 21st century operates and flown back courtesy of Ryanair.

    1. I saw a drunk briton pissing to the fontain after dark downtown Bratislava, was that you?

      1. How do you know they were British ? And its fountain.

        1. Famous story here Gordy …Brit groom was on a stag party and got slung in jail for three months for dancing naked in a pond in the main square . They could, and perhaps should have just kept him in the cell overnight and exported him home the next day . It caused a diplomatic incident and the Bar owners went mad with the local and police authorities , all because of the stupidity of the police as it could be effecting the Town Center bar trade.

          The boring snobby Brits here all cheered, claiming the stags were effecting their enjoyment of the Old Town ..if fact most of them were far too mean to buy a beer there . The Slowvaks all cheered because it meant perhaps the young goodlooking girls were less interested in the Brits and more in their own ugly, stickyout ear faces .

          1. That story does not surprise me in the slightest. Both Slowvakia and Czech going back to communist days (although haven’t been here long enough to comment if it was ever capitalist).
            And for the record I don’t condone anyone urinating in such public view, I don’t know why Brits think Bratislava is a good location for stag parties anyway.

          2. Why G ?? It was Cheap booze , less than 1 euro a pint and good looking, slim, huge tit`d, easy girls …that like Brits rather than numbskull Slowvaks .

      2. Michael
        One Brit peeing in a fountain? Come and watch from my office window sometime, in fact most evenings. Peoples doorways being used as public toilets by the locals – male and females. My Slovak neighbour regularly has to clear up Sh*t from his shop doorway and the marble steps of an office opposite have a permanent urine stain. One drunk driver was filmed by JOJ taking two dumps in the road in broad daylight – footage that is now on YouTube. One Brit goes to excess and the police arrive in swarms, Slovaks let it all hang out in direct view of CCTV and jack happens.

        1. Nothing compares with Friday and Saturday nights in every city in England. Yobish loutish behaviour renders the streets at night very unsafe,.and to suggest otherwise is living in denial. The stags were unwelcome English cultural intruders to Bratislava, but at least they showed the Slovaks how lucky they were to live in a normal environment. Of couse there are many deep rooted problems in Slovakia but civil disorder, as in England, is not one of them.

          1. The only reason they come across as better behaved is because they live in fear of the policed state. But I would rather frustration is vented in a public place than built up inside……pop. And to be honest I have not once had any trouble in the UK on a night out. To make the comment “renders the streets at night very unsafe” makes me think you watch too many ” UK cop” shows.

          2. Actually I just remembered something. I had brought one of my friends over for a business trip. We were staying at Kempinski, he went back to hotel earlier than me at night. On his way he stopped to have a cigarette beside the river. Two Slowvakian girls who had been drinking came up and asked him for a light, he tried communicating with them for few minutes. Then 2 big Slowvakian guys came up behind him (obv the girls bfs) and asked where he was from, Scotland he says. Then they said “how about we throw you into the river which will take you to Kilmarnock” (they probably worked in factory there at some point). Luckily he was able to make his escape when dog walker appeared.

          3. Alec – Your right about the behaviour that is common place in UK cities but to suggest the same is not true here is well off the mark. I live close to the city centre and see yobbish behaviour every night. The difference is – in the UK you stand a good chance of getting your collar felt, here there is never any police response, even when in direct view of CCTV.
            “Stags unwelcome” – look at who is offering these stag weekends, the majority are Slovaks keen to make a bob or two and fully aware of the excesses of the Brits. The hotels in BA welcome them with open arms and many of the drinking holes actively try to attract their custom.
            “Civil disorder” Yes nothing like St. Pauls or Toxteth but smaller outbreaks are very common. last week -12 state police officers required here after a window was broken, 2 to deal with the incident and 10 to deal with the crowd of drunken yobs intent on causing further trouble. Just before Christmas – a running battle of 30+ youths, shop widows put through, cars vandalised etc. Nothing on the news or in the papers about it even though almost every state police officer in Saris was called in to help. The only reason we don’t have much trouble with football fans is the level of police. One match late last year visiting fans were escorted to and on the train by a very large number of police – again not reported.

    2. I have went to Slovakia every year of my life it is not crazy, it is a lovely country with lovely foods and lovely people, half of my family is from there and everything there is in much a better condition than most English areas. England has many people, it is dirty don’t get me started on central London! Bratislava and Komarno are nice, not too many people, you have only been there for 1 month i have been there for over a year when i was small, England is a rubbish tip compared to Slovakia. And I know more than you correct your spelling it is Slovakia. idiot.

      1. Deaf, dumb and blind kid ?

        Sure plays a mean pinball ………………

        1. George –
          Where do these people come from? Besides murdering the language, being very slow on the uptake regarding Slowvakia, and sharing their wealth of experience of Albion based on a day trip, they challenge Gordy’s perception of this place because he arrived at an opinion after only one month. Is this GaGa?, off the meds again?

          1. DC, I do try to be nice to these people, honest .

            You know I rather like the name Dawn. She was my first jog in the life park, as it were . The name reminds me of birds singing, sun rise, the taste of morning jew and the smell of burning rubber, after waking s-huggg !

    3. Gordy, Britz paedophiles need to travel to get their preys out of Uk …

    4. Gordy, keep injecting your heroin into your stupid drugged brain. Typical English!

  4. With over 65,000 English chidren in care in England, due to parental abuse and neglect,.there is absolutely no evidence to suggest parental care in Slovakia is worse; as stated by our resident pundits But.for sure children are given more freedom in Slovakia because the environment is much safer.It’s not even safe for adults to walk alone in almost any English city after dark and, sadly allowing chidren any freedom is dangerous.To be fair to the Slovak authorities. they too denounced the hype aroused by TV Joj

    1. May have escaped your Viagra induced coma Smug , but that 65000 kids in Care, is from a population, at the last count estimated at osome 63 million UK people . That is less than 0.1% of the UK population .

      I would imagine 65,000 kids in Care was a low estimate of the number kids in Slowvakia ( given the Roma breeding plan ) or that could, or should be in Care in here . That is from Slowvak population of 5.5 million .

      BTW, sure some English cities are not safe after dark . Most are fine as long as you dont flash your huge breasts with wonder bra, or your 3 grand Rolex …but then is Slovwakia not the same in the big Cities ?

      1. My text referred to England, not the UK.
        Unless anyone up to the age of 80 years is classified as a child then even the population figure for England at 53 million is irrelevant.
        Try calculating 65,000 from about 15 million children
        Sadly there isn’ city in England that is as safe as Bratislava day or night

      2. George, you don’t even know how to spell, man. I wish you visited Slovakia and after you open your mouth some good Slovakian boys kicked your stupid face in.

    2. Now this is just not true Smug, get at least a few of your facts correct please . Bath, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Chichester, Durham, Exeter, Gloucester, Lancaster, Lichfield, Lincoln ,Norwich, Oxford, Ripon, Salisbury, St Albans, Truro, Wells, Winchester, Worcester, York are all safe city and I visited all of them .

    3. 100,000 children in care in Britain have been stolen by loving parents, desperate for their return. Children are a money making business to the UK. They are also stealing foreign children coming into the country aswell. These poor families are being torn apart.

  5. I am reading today and I quote Minister Richter…

    `The reasons in individual cases varied, although all British legislative conditions were met for the children to be taken into care. If these cases had happened in Slovakia, social services would have had no choice but to proceed in the same way even under the most liberal of Slovak laws. The minister added, however, that it is imperative that all Slovaks who travel to Great Britain conform to its more stringent legislation.`

    Be afraid, very afraid ….I close my case against Slowvak parents .

    1. I have to disagree with Herr Richter, UK legislation is not more stringent, Slovak legislation, its enforcement and application is pityfull. The bottom line, as many of us have said before is – Please go to the UK but only if you are prepared to contribute to our society, abide by and respect our standards and laws and leave your Slovak mentality here. Also don’t whinge and whine when you find that conforming to your home grown, substandard customs and practices lands you in trouble with the UK authorities, police and courts.

      1. Yes, we want no bumrash in the UK .

  6. I do not agree that Slovak children are taken from parents without involvement of Slovak authorities, because in most cases are children taken on grounds of false accusation, deducting what can happen in future…even if nobody can do that, …
    I’m talking about myself, never done nothing wrong at all, just because my ex didn’t accepted that I left him, he made my life in hell.
    I am a Carer of Elderly since February 2010, and I my children always been a priority for me. I do not understand, how UK social services do not respect my children human rights, they still refusing contact between me and them, didn’t seen them since November 2012, miss them so much. Please, give me advice.

    1. This another of Logheads clones…there is no such person as Mariana Hanustiakova …what a load of old tosh .

    2. Mariana,
      Firstly, the Slovak authorities have no say in or influence on the UK courts. Did you contact your consular staff when this all started? If you did and they have not helped you that is a matter between you and your government.
      Children taken because of false accusation? A very nonedescript statement, short on any details and so typical of miscreant parents in these cases.
      ” never done nothing wrong” – Sorry, but obviously you have or your children would not have been taken into care. I suspect you are measuring “doing wrong” against Slovak standards and norms, many of which are not acceptable in the UK.
      You put all the blame on your ex – did you take action to prevent his activities? or were you following that ever popular Slovak custom and continued to live with him? The UK police and courts have special powers to deal with domestic issues BUT if you did not report or take effective action against him that is your fault and no one elses.
      Your job title has nothing to do with the matter. Again, you come from a society where an Ing or Mgr or even a Dr is revered – in the UK, bits of paper count for nothing, its whether you can actually do the job that counts, including being a parent.
      You cite the childrens Human Rights followed by a statement about YOUR lack of contact. The UK Courts take children into protection if their is a danger to their physical or mental wellbeing that is and always will be the priority and the fact that they have denied you contact would suggest that they have identified a problem with you.
      You ask for advice – before you moved to the UK you should have studied what is or is not acceptable parenting, familiarised yourself with UK law, culture and social standards.
      Now that your children are in care, I suggest you study the detail of the ruling and do something to correct the situation, get your consular staff involved, if your ex is still a problem ask the police and courts to deal with him, if your housing is not upto standard, find somewhere better to live, convince the courts that the children will be safe and well cared for, clean, warm, healthy, happy and well fed. Make sure you have adequate child care provision for when you are working. Demonstrate you really care by doing something!

      1. Dave , Dave Dave …….this MH post is a total wind up . Think about it, a name NEVER seen before, sob story , help me, help me from a woman now kidless and then bash the fine UK SS and ofcourse even me, for even thinking this is yet again and as the last three times this crap was reported on the website , just utter tosh .

    1. Nigel
      Thanks for the input but just what the Fathers Union Australia or your Youtube link has to do with the topic under discussion fails me. I also note that a regular supporter of your is Yvonne Taylor Stewart Taylor Yvonne Stewart etc, the miffed grandmother who is fighting for grandparents rights because the UK courts awarded custody of her grandchild to the Australian husbands parents – describing the child as being exiled! The plain truth of her case is that, despite medical advice, she encouraged her pregnant, unmarried daughter to risk her own and the unborn baby’s life by taking a very long haul flight to enjoy a holiday in Mexico which resulted in the mother having to be evacuted to the USA and now she is fighting a campaign, supported by other clowns, because she believes she has been wronged.
      I can’t comment on your own situation but it has jack to do with the UK or Slovakia.

      1. Perhaps Smug can tell us why he posted that here …..well in between his snorts of laughing gas …..

      2. Lol, you could at the very least get your facts straight, Im quite amuzed with the twisted version of events you portray about me in public. The above is completely wrong and missinformed, and could be considered to be libel and slander. Kindly remove me from your comment. Thanking you in anticipation. If anyone is really interested in the truth, my story has been readilly available online for years. 1, I do not have a daughter, 2, there was never any award of custody, 3, I do not fight for grandparents. 4, I did not encourage anyone to go anywhere. ” To enjoy a holiday”, try my son visiting family in USA, not Mexico. Nobody was evacuated

        I notice you commented alot, on this thread. You are clearly not very well informed, and have told a pack of lies about me and my family.

        You are forgiven, it happens all the time and I have broad shoulders, you know nothing about me or my case or my family. You should not just make up a story about people, with no factual evidence to back up anything you have said. The record is put straight I would hope.

  7. DC, my only fault with the UK SS, is the wide mix of `moral standards` of some SS officers, depending whether your Town Council is Labour, ( mad) Tory ( worried about cost ) or LibDem (my plops dont smell) run. Leadership of some SS , is also poor, almost like some are on a megalomaniac mission, to just find bad parents. On the other side, you Leadership that does not give a hoot about kids, of course then we get the tragic cases of death and worse of small children .

    1. In my experience 90% of Slowvaks are very poor parents, perhaps abusive, verbally shouting, high ed expectation of dim children,biggoted, raccist and even violent-beating parents and would perhaps fall foul of most of the SS in the UK … Slowvaks are just NOT DECENT parents as they love to claim .

      1. With full respect to your opinion I do have to express mine…

        Your generalization of Slovaks is rather wrong … shows how poor is your
        knowledge of Slovak people and therefore you publish a lot of porkies
        of course that is typical for an english uneducated jeremy kyles
        scumbags …

        It not my fault that you have declared yourself to be a member of …

        1. DJ, suggest you buy another suit . The one you have clearly has moths .

          1. Yes George Walter Mitty, DJ can buy a new suit tomorrow but sadly you cannot change your brain. Who are you this week Walter? Don’ worry pal, those nice little men in white coats will take you home soon.

          2. Smug, nice to see you are again back to your nasty, asinine, demented, and deranged self . Clearly the Viagra is not working for you .

            Try trying a hanky to your head, sticking two pencils up your nostrils and shouting Wibbbbbbble ! That should keep the girl amused, if not satisfied .

        2. DJ
          I know many Slovak parents who are models, in every respect, with regard to their parenting however, during my four years living here I have also seen and experienced much of what George has commented. ” Tarring everone with the same brush” is not what I understand by the quoted figure of 90%, a figure I would reduce to 60 -70%, but he is reflecting on his experiences in the areas where he lives.
          Physical abuse and beatings – very common. Its even been shown on prime time TV in two of your “reality shows”. I’ve regularly seen children of all ages slapped, punched, kicked, arms twisted, etc on the street, in shops and on TV – if that’s what happens in public I shudder to think what happens behind closed doors.
          Racism and biggotry – Examples of this on the news almost weekly. Sorry but until every man, woman and child in this country is treat in exactly the same way, they are two badges of shame the whole country must wear.
          The pressure to succeed at school – Sloavkia has a relatively high suicide rate amongst children and there is a reported incidence of stress related physical and mental problems in children. One local doctor has recorded a 5 fold increase in such conditions in the last few years and it is his opinion that parental pressure on children to excel at school is a major factor in this. From my own observations, I use public transport daily and it concerns me how miserable many children look as they travel to school. The same kids are much brighter and happier at home time, which is to be expected, but going to school should not be a dreaded experience. It also worries me that with all the beautiful countryside close to hand, I see very few children playing or enjoying the outdoors.
          Last night, as I walked through the town centre, I was shocked to see young children sat on the door steps of pubs waiting for the parents to come out.

          1. think the main reason children look miserable on their way to school here is the early starting time ,o) but generally think most kids look miserable on their ways to school don’t think that has changed much since it was written 400 years ago ,o)

            “And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
            And shining morning face, creeping like snail
            Unwillingly to school”

            Good parents bad parents everywhere, …. check out the movie ladybird ladybird –

    2. Totally agree George, maybe time for child protection to be taken away from LGs and controlled and standardised centrally. It doesn’t help that the front line staff are for ever having to look both ways – cut costs, do more with less yet then get crucified when the Baby P cases come to light.

  8. Unfortunately, the social services/child court system in the u.k provides little re-evaluation or appeal once a child has been taken, I therefore cannot support the system as it now stands. Also the financial exploitation of the system by its professionals/careers to meet their own financial end, whilst not proven , does remain in theory. (Being in SK has at least taught me that..)

    1. Whoa there Slimsedg!. There is the opportunity to appeal at every stage of child care procedings in the UK – the fact that Mrs B did not bother to appeal at every stage speaks more about her than the system.
      Financial exploitation? Please don’t buy into the conspiacy theorist set. The majority of the work done on child care cases is by salaried professional staff, the care homes are run by salaried staff and the idea that foster carers are in it for the money is not supported by the continuing shortage of such people in the UK and I can tell you from personal experience that there are no fees or charges for adopting a child. The only area in which there could be financial exploitation is by the defence lawyers and the “experts” they appoint but that is a matter for the defendants and in no way reflects on the conduct of the State.

      1. Whoa! there Dave! Of course foster carers for money

        ! My happy healthy son was dragged into foster care for nothing. by useless Medway Services . Whoa, foster carer get 400per head per week. Whoa!

        Parents lose 99.4 cases ! Wow! Wish take away your child so you would understand , Have you ever asked why your child was taken from his parents? SS probably lied to you. Whoa!

        1. Eugene
          ” taken into care for nothing” Yeah right! So when the case went to court the Medway SS said nothing, presented no evidence yet the judge just handed the child over ……. Please! That may happen here but not in the UK.
          ” 400 per head per week” – where on earth did you get this figure from? Why if it’s such a gold mine is there still a critical shortage of foster parents? Also, what if they are paid that much? It’s a 24/7/365 job which works out at £2.40 an hour from which they have to house, feed, clothe, entertain and provide sufficient money to the child so that it may interact socially. Good money in the SVK but pityful reward for the good work in the UK.
          ” lose 99.4 cases” Your probably correct here but – The SS don’t take issues to court unless there is a case to answer and they don’t “win” unless they can provide reasonable grounds for the action. You also don’t mention that in the majority of cases, the parents take action to correct the concerns of the SS and the children are returned.
          ” SS lied” the one common element of almost every wronged parents’ story is that someone lied, everyone lied……. except the parent. Why would the authorities lie? for what purpose? Total, unadulterated TOSH!
          In short, quote any figures you wish but don’t cherry pick and tell only half the story.

  9. Fully agree with George M on this. The JOJ coverage of Richters’ statement made me cringe. The images from their archive of the “b’s”, idiots throwing litter and weeping Slovak miscreants – what was that about? Trying to put spin on their own crass, inaccurate, biased, tear-jerking dribble that passed as reporting over the last year or so as the Slovak Minister basically gave a green light to all that had transpired and admitted that if it had happened here the results would have been the same. But then again, they made the return of the “B” kids a cause for celebration even though the mother has no parental rights over them, a fact they just glossed over in their reports.
    What needs to happen now is all the unfortunate Slovak kids need shipping back here so the UK taxpayer does not have fund Slovak bad parenting – chances are the majority are Roma so there will be no rush at this end for that to happen!

  10. Are you reading daft Slowvaks and nutter people …….Richter ………then made a comparison with Slovakia, saying that the cases are mostly justified and would have produced the same outcome in Slovakia, i.e. children would have been taken due to “irresponsible parenting”.

    Myself and Dave C are fully vindicated in our comments regarding the professional was the Brit Social Services do a difficult job, just doing their job required by law … and all this Hub-hub was Slowvak media hype of stolen kids and kids for sale is utter crap .

    I feel even more vindicated , when the publicised case of Mrs. B which led to moronic protests in front of the British Embassy in Bratislava last year.. where the mother has no guardian rights at all and the kids live with their gran.

    No Court in the civilised world would give these `B` kids back to the mother or the father .

    Go, UK Social Services Go …..grab these poor abused children from these terrible Slowvak parents and make Britain a place to be scared, very scared to go !

    1. and all this Hub-hub was Slowvak media hype of stolen kids and kids for sale is utter crap .

      1. Is Not a crap …?

        1. What’s wrong? Grammar mistake?
          Good reason to take the children from the family away, isn’t it.
          Speak to SS, they would love this idea.

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