Ukraine-Slovak co-operation boosted in transport

Co-operation between Ukraine and Slovakia in the field of transport and the modernisation of infrastructure is developing very positively and has huge potential. This was discussed during the meeting between the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Kornienko and the Slovak Transport Minister, Jan Figel.

“Relations between our countries were always on a high level, and we have a positive history of relations. At the same time, our potential is much larger – and we are to use it to the full”, Volodymyr Kornienko said at the beginning of the meeting.

The participants focused on co-operation in railway transport, in particular, the prospects of multi-modal transportation, the construction of the 1520 mm broad gauge track on the section Kosice – Bratislava – Vienna, co-operation in aviation; the development of admission points on the Slovak-Ukrainian border.

“Such meetings are a model of good relations and successful cooperation, which is very important for us and the European Union as a whole”, Jan Figel said.

The parties noted the positive dynamics of the Ukrainian-Slovak relations, in particular in railway transport. In 2010 the volume of railway transport between the countries increased by 4.5%.

Both Ukraine and Slovakia have expressed active interest in future construction of the 1520 mm broad railway track. The said project will promote and increase the efficiency of transport links between Ukraine and Central Europe, and reduce the cost of transportation due to the lack of transfer operations at border stations.

In addition, at the meeting agreements were also reached for harmonising the tariff policy on rail transport, with discussions also on several important issues of border crossing points of both countries.

Discussing cooperation in the aviation sector, the parties noted the need to finalise the issue of direct flights from Kiev to Bratislava. Jan Figel said that Slovakia is working on a major overhaul of aviation infrastructure. The airlines that intend to provide these flights therefore have to determine the feasibility of direct flights, in order to analyse potential traffic flow.

After the meeting, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Kornienko and the Minister of Transport, Jan Figel, signed a Letter of Intent, which includes the development of effective cooperation on all questions of the transport industry and future development of infrastructure between the two countries. Source: Ukrainian Government

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