Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly y/y to 13.4%

The latest unemployment figures announced by the Labour Office show a slight year-on-year decline, with the figure rising 0.46% year-on-year in April to reach 13.4% for work-ready jobseekers.

Unemployment offices still busy

Overall there were just under 398,000 unemployed in the country in April, which would produce an unemployment rate of over 14.7% as the released figures only take account of those whoa re fit and ready for work.


  1. Well that is encouraging new for the well educated, highly skilled and hard working Ing, Mgr etc Slovaks …. I did notice a new McDonald`s had opened, when I last left Bratislava …

  2. It appears to be week of good news; the Silver Medal in the IIHC Championship, a slight fall in umemployment, the growth figures would suggest that the SK is coming out of the recession in a strong position, inflation appears to be flat lining in some areas, the balance of payments is looking rosy, Govt. bond sales are doing well – these are of course the figures for the last quarter and the last government but it’s still good news.
    I found my self nodding in agreement as I read an article outlining Bobby’s plans for the future. The switch of EU money to creating jobs and additional training for the young unemployed is a good move, more vocational training in the areas where the Sk has a skill shortage get my vote. The proposed swing towards all educational establishments teaching the subjects and qualifications that prospective employers require rather than the current decline into teaching Humantities subjects bodes well for the future. The creation of “Collaboration and Co-ordination ” agencies to boost and support tourism is a long overdue move.
    I am normally dismissive of BnM and his crew, and I share some of the concerns voiced by various analysts and pundits, but I am starting to like what he says he is going to do. I just hope he delivers the goods.

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