12% unemployment rate caused mostly by east

The unemployment figures for September came to 377,000, which translates as a 12% unemployment rate, while over 180,000 unemployed have been out of work for more than one year. Some 50,000 of them have not been able to find a job for over 2 years.

The highest percentage of long-term unemployed are in the Presov region, which has some 43,000 people who have been jobless for over a year. It was closely followed by the Kosice region and Banksa Bystrica region, both of which have around 40,000 people in this category.

As is tradition, the Bratislava region has the smallest problem with unemployment, with fewer than 4,000 people officially out of work there.

The data come from recent statistics issued by the Labour Office (UPSVaR).

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