Unique exhibition of Renata Ormandikova in Liptovsky Mikulas

If you among those who live their lives too realistically and think too rationally, perhaps you should take a break from it and visit the Koloman Sokol Gallery in Liptovský Mikuláš, where there is an exhibition of “weird and wonderful” works of art from the collection “Trofeje (Trophies)” from textile artist and jewelry maker, Renáta Ormandíková.

After entering an exhibition room you will suddenly find yourself in a strange fantasy world that is amusing and foolish, while also being fascinating and captivating. It houses all sorts of strange stuff and you will feel a bit like “Alice in Wonderland”.

Among all those bizarre artistic things you can find a pink deer, an astonished shiny roebuck, a startled stork, a small pig hiding under luminous toadstool, many different types of cakes or odd cakes such as fruity, creamy ones etc., as well as strange bottled fruit and recessional decorations with shady icons, details and flea market catches and many other odd art pieces.

The exhibition is not just for for the general public looking to escape into a fantasy world, as other artists, enthusiasts and experts will surely gain plenty of inspiration from it as well.

The works of art of Renata Ormandíková will be on display at the gallery until 6 February 2011 and a visit is highly recommended.

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  1. Hello Mirka,

    itˇs very interested article. Thank you for your recommendation. Next week I ´m going to visit my parents in-love in Ruzomberok. If we have got enought time and I persuade other members of family, we will visit this unique exhibiton in Liptovsky Mikulas.
    I have never seen for example pink deer and etc.
    Well, where should we see it ? Only in this exhibition.


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