Vatican Speaks About Archbishop Bezak’s Dismissal

The Holy See has finally spoken out about the reasons for dismissing Robert Bezak from his appointment as Archbishop of the Trnava Diocese, a move that led to his supporters revolting against the Catholic Church.

Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Trnava

The Holy See said it very much regretted the hastiness with which Monsignor Bezak had spread the news of his dismissal, as this was in violation of Pontifical secrecy, according to an official statement of the Slovak Conference of Bishops published by TASR newswire. Issues concerning the appointment or recall of bishops are to be made public on the agreed day or the day set by the Holy See.

According to the statement, the inspection that took place in the last week of January 2012 was based on numerous petitions from priests and parishioners sent to the Holy See directly. J. E. Monsignor Ján Baxant from the Czech Republic carried out the inspection, with the results being closely examined by various church organisations. The Congregation for Bishops reportedly informed Bezak of the main points of the results and requested him for his standpoint, which Bezak duly sent.

The results were then forwarded to the Pope, who made his deliberation that Bezak should stand down. After Bezak refused to resign as he knew of no grounds to, the Pope recalled him. An appeal has been made by the Holy See for believers in Slovakia to accept in full faith the decision of the Holy Father. We may therefore never know the real reasons for the unorthodox move.

In the meantime, the charismatic Galeria restaurant initiated in February this year by former Archbishop Bezak in the premises of Archbishop’s Palace in Trnava was suddenly shut down today without warning by the Trnava Diocese.

The Diocese ordered the immediate closure of the restaurant for technical reasons for an indefinite period, with the already prepared 50 or so lunch menus taken to an affiliated charity.


  1. What a truly enlighted, honest and tranparent organisation the RC church is.
    No explanation, no evidence, no information just a secret decision which no one is allowed to question.
    Maybe the police should get involved and investigate if there has been some wrong doing or is the church immune from such investigations?

  2. No smoke without fire!!!! Galleria restaurant the archetypal laundromat if ever there was one!! enough said ..

  3. Do as I say and not what you want is the law from the Vatican and why did the shut down the restaurant for technical reasons???

  4. So???? What does this say??? “his standpoint”…hmmmm do as I say or be removed from the order! Sounds like Hitler or Stalin! Nice move, so read from the book, don’t make it your own story!

  5. So no answer why or if had done anything wrong, just take the decision and not to question it.

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