Vendetta? Man Blown Up in Car in Martin


The sport of car-burning in Slovakia as a way of settling vendettas has taken on a new dimension, as a car was blown up in the town of Martin this afternoon.

photo (c) Russianname

According to, a loud explosion shook the streets of Martin when the BMW X3 of 30-year old local businessman Martin K became the latest case of what is likely debt-settling, but this time while he was in the car. Latest reports say he survived the attack, but his exact condition is not yet known.

These kinds of attacks are usually associated with someone being ripped off but who feel helpless to retaliate or use the ‘usual’ legal channels. Nevertheless, they are nothing short of terrorist attacks and should probably be treated that way. This time if the culprit is found he/she could be facing charges of attempted murder, or worse, depending on whether the victim recovers or not.

UPDATE: The man died shortly afterwards in hospital.


  1. This is unlikely to have been an act of terrorism in the real sense of the term but it is 99.99% certain to have something to do with organised crime, still a major problem in Slovakia. Thus it’s far from a one-off. Will be curious to see if anyone gets caught for it.

  2. We are all considered terrorists Marek , don’t you know ??? Uncle George made us all so . Just try going through an airport with one 120mil bottle of something .

  3. Although the term ‘terrorism’ is unavoidably subjective its frequency of use is alarming- especially while reading the US press. Does every shooting or knifing constitute a terrorist attack? A more generally accepted definition would equate terrorism with the killing of innocent masses of people, not targeting individuals. In the case of this guy from Martin, it apparently was more of a ‘one off’ type of thing, targeted and most likely, as the report says, only over some cash.

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