Vladimir Weiss No Longer National Football Team Coach

Vladimir Weiss losing popularity (c) Майоров Владимир

Vladimir Weiss is no longer the head of the Slovak national football team after an amicable agreement with the Slovak Football Association, which sees Weiss carry off EUR 105,000 in severance pay.

The news was confirmed for daily Hospodarske Noviny this afternoon by head of the SFA, Jan Kovacik. Kovacik expressed his appreciation for what Weiss had done for the national team, especially as he had taken them to the 2010 World Cup, where they beat Italy to put the former word champions out in the group stage.

The SFA says there are no candidates yet to replace Weiss, and until the post is filled the role will most likely be taken up by deputy trainer Milan Lesicky.


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  1. I propose Jan Slota as the new SFA Team Manager ….Because , He is likely to be unemployed real soon from his day job, he is Nationalistic , wears the flag on his sleeve, hates all opposition, even a bib v skins game is a war game to him …has some great defensive idea`s, like using tanks, totally paranoid with the press and media and will be at home with all the, skin heads, tattoo`d morons and other drunk Slovak players and supporters .

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