VW will invest another EUR 1 billion in Slovakia

Yesterday the Volkswagen concern announced further investment into its Slovak plant to raise its production capacities. Over the space of five years the company will invest an additional EUR 1 billion or so to the EUR 1.7 billlion it has already invested in the country.

Volkswagen plays a big part in Slovakia’s export-reliant economy, and this looks set to continue rising with VW’s new investments into increasing capacity. Back in 2008 the Bratislava plant produced some 188,000, but production volume dropped to just 106,000 due to the crisis.

The Bratislava plant produces the Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7 and parts of the Porsche Cayenne models and has already announced the start of a small family car line for later this year. The company exports most of its production to Germany and China, in particular.

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