Want a job? Don’t go to Kosice

The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family released figures that show that Bratislava is still the most likely place in Slovakia to find a job because of the large number of vacancies, while Kosice slumps at the bottom of the ranking.

There were 1,642 vacancies in and around Bratislava in July, followed by the Nitra region with 1,211 available jobs and the Zilina region with 1,109. They were followed by the regions of Trnava, Trencin and Presov respectively, all of which had 700 – 800 current vacancies.

The region of Banska Bystrica has been doing badly in terms of job numbers for quite some time, and last month it posted 633 jobs, but even this is much better than the Kosice region, which had just 349 jobs available. Considering the fact that Kosice is the second largest city in the country, these figures are pretty dire.

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