Want To join Biking Club in East Slovakia?

Is  your hobby cycling and having a good time? We have started a club of (foreign) bicycle enthousiasts in Eastern Slovakia

Essentially we’re a group of friends who have the same hobby; bicycling. We’ve been doing this together for the last few years and now we’ve decided to start a club together.

Of course, our main goal is to cycle together in our own local areas, but we’re not the kind of people who ride 100 + km per day. Our routes are mostly between 25 and 35 km.

The second thing that we hope to achieve with our club is to meet new people. We’re foreigners in Slovakia (all of us are Dutch) and we hope to meet new interesting people who share our fun in bicycling. The only things that we ask for are a positive state of mind, being able to have fun and of course, being able to ride a bike.

The language we use is English. Of course, people from Slovakia are also welcome as long as they can speak English. Even though we’re able to speak Slovak, we chose English since there are more then enough possibilities for Slovak speaking people to join a club here.

In the near future we’re planning to organise some bike tours near Presov. This is also our area of operations; Kosice/Presov/Bardejov and everything in between this cities.

People from Bratislava or other parts of the country are more then welcome to join our club, but we don’t have any plans to organise anything outside our own region.

Applying for membership means that you have to pay the fee of EUR 52,50, for this price you get the custom-made INB.sk shirt as a welcome gift. For the rest there is no money involved (the membership fee is also the price of the shirt).

So if you’re interested and would like to know more or maybe even would like to join our club, don’t hesitate to write us on info@inb.sk or check out our website at www.inb.sk

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