Watch Out for Ransomware Virus CTB-Locker

Everyone should be cautious and aware of a computer virus that is taking victims also in Slovakia, according to recent reports, by ransoming bitcoins out of them to recover their data.

The virus, called CTB-Locker virus, comes in the form of an email with an attachment that looks like a fax, but once opened it takes over your hard drive. You can also pick up the malware from certain websites.

It has been causing losses to people around the world, as the pirates that created it request the payment of 8 bitcoins to restore access to your data, which converts to around EUR 1,500.

Those unfortunate enough to be hacked in this way have just four days to come up with the money or all their data will be wiped out. You should therefore be very careful about opening suspicious emails from somebody you don’t know and never open an attachment unless you are sure about it.

If you are infected by the ransomware CTB-Locker, you can learn how to remove it here instead of paying the ransom.

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  1. Now this is not a good thing.Will have to speak to the provider of my site.

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