Weaker Penalties For Marijuana Use; No Decriminalisation

Outgoing economy minister Juraj Miskov accused of not being straight at meeting (c) The Daily.sk

Robert Fico’s Smer-SD party has reacted to the plea of the SaS party to decriminalise recreational marijuana use by saying it would look at reducing the penalties for possession etc., but that decriminalisation was out of the question.

“As part of the topic of civil liberties, head of the Smer-SD party Robert Fico spoke only about depenalisation, or reducing the penalties for certain actions, because there is a real problem in Slovakia with packed jails, and repression has not resolved anything” announced party Smer spokesman Erik Tomas.

Tomas also said Juraj Miskov from the SaS had misunderstood at the meeting yesterday and so “should come to meetings with a straight head”. He also swept aside the offer of economic policies from Sulik, saying the party had its own election-winning policies.


  1. Is it any wonder that many foriegners just don’t understand this country. Your jails are full – why? because the police are putting the bandits away and probably because you have a rising crime rate. El Fico’s answer – we won’t send so many to jail – what a plant pot! SK has one of the lowest prison populations in Europe, if the nighly TV reports are any indicator, you have a rising incidence of violent crime, the use of firearms and, of course, the carnage on your roads caused by drunk / drugged up drivers. The country is liittered by empty military bases which could be easily adapted into prisons, Bobby no Mates could even use his influence to have a nice cell prepared for himself! Additional prison space would also allow your numb judges to remand people instead of the current situation where police arrest some very bad people and the courts let them walk – How many suspects have disappeared recently?
    Statutory minimum sentences for crimes would also improve the public’s perception of the judiciary, help protect the police, be a real deterent and make society safer. It would appear that Law and Order, as well as Finance and Foriegn Relations, is another area where SMER haven’t a clue.

  2. election-winning slogans, shirley.

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