Dublliner irish bar Bratislava

Wednesday 29 June: The Dubliner Jam Night


Tomorrow evening 29 June The Dubliner Irish bar in Bratislava kicks off its regular Jam Night, with an open invitation to musicians and music lovers alike. You can bring along an instrument or borrow one at the venue.

There will be a full professional sound system and extended stage, and the bar expects to see a truly multinational mix of music. Once a month the sessions will also feature a Slovak star to jam along with and the bar is also preparing specific genre and theme nights to provide the widest musical diversity possible.


John Dale, a regular performer at the bar, informed The Daily that they have nylon, acoustic and 12 string electro-acoustics and mandolins lined up for people to use, in addition to the sound system, of course. They are even willing to assist people who want to bring larger instruments, like keyboards or a double bass.

The Dubliner, Bratislava (c) The Daily

The fun starts at 7pm and ends at …. well, you never know, so if you are a budding musician, drop by and show off your talents, while enjoying the good atmosphere that The Dubliner Jam Night looks certain to produce.

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