What’s New at Bratislava’s Nova Scena Theatre?

The Nova Scena Theatre was established in 1946 as the second largest theatre in Bratislava. It has a reputation for producing top-quality musicals in the style of London´s West End and New York´s Broadway. However, musicals aren’t all they do – the Nova Scena´s repertoire includes a rolling program of first class dance productions from Ballroom to Ballet that invites visitors and expats in Bratislava to enjoy an alternative performance experience.

Nova Scena Theatre, Bratislava

Former SND choreographer, Mario Radačovský, brought his world class dance company Balet Bratislava under the Nova Scena´s wings in April, beginning their residency with a stunning production of Romeo and Juliet. The Nova Scena also premiered hot new dance show JUST DANCE in September this year and, coming up in February 2013, the Nova Scena Theatre will welcome an innovative new ballet, Queen, to the repertoire.

As the nights get longer and the days get shorter, it´s the perfect time to find a way to experience the culture and life of Bratislava without having to stay out in the cold!

JUST DANCE – Good Evening, Broadway! (Ballroom)

JUST DANCE is an innovative dance spectacular in collaboration with Katarina Štumpfova, winner of TV sensation Let´s Dance SK. The Nová Scéna was proud to present this highly professional performance, packed with stunning costumes and astounding choreography, as the first new production of the 2012-2013 Program.

Dance is a universal force which can bring people together from all nations and speaks to audiences of every language. Štumpfova´s choreography tells stories to inspire the audience with the passion, jealousy, love, hate and harmony expressed in the movement of the dancers.

JUST DANCE combines the romance of the standard ballroom dances such as the waltz and the tango with fiery Latin-American dances such as the samba and rumba, set to a vibrant range of classic and contemporary hits.  This is a truly unique dance experience, accompanied by cutting-edge visual displays and a spectacular variety of costumes, this vibrant production is a feast for the senses.

This show will have you out of your seats and wanting more so take a trip to see the bright lights of Broadway and enter a world where dance makes all the rules!

Romeo and Juliet (Ballet)

The story of Romeo and Juliet is timeless. Love stories have accompanied humanity throughout history and tales of love that can transcend duty, family and even death are a vital part of the human experience.

Mario Radačovský´s choreography brings the joy, sadness, passion and tenderness of Verona´s famous lovers and their story to the stage.

The dance treatment of this Shakespearean drama is very popular and has been taken on by many world-class choreographers. The appeal to dance-makers is clear – tragedy and passion resonate powerfully in the music of Sergei Prokofjeva, whose opus is considered to be one of the finest ballets of all time.

The expressive intensity and musical beauty of the work were decisive elements in the choice of this title and the goal of the Nova Scena ballet ensemble is to reflect the tastes of today´s audiences and resonate with modern experiences of timeless emotions with a contemporary piece that loses none of the power of the classical composition.

Mario Radačovský´s dancers have brought the skill, precision and wonder of the classic ballet into a new sphere where they have the freedom to experiment with bold, contemporary choreography.

Queen (Ballet)

On Friday 25 January 2013 the Nova Scena Theatre (Divadlo Nova Scena) will premiere an amazing new ballet creation set to the music of legendary rock band Queen.

British band Queen, fronted by the great Freddie Mercury, is without doubt one of the best loved rock groups of all time.

˝We Will Rock You˝, ˝We Are the Champions˝, and ˝Bohemian Rhapsody˝ have become pop-rock classics and have given Queen the iconic status they enjoy today. Queen´s musical legacy goes far beyond traditional pop-rock popularity: The depth, expressiveness, and spectacular theatricality of their concerts have made them immortal.

The Nova Scena Theatre´s dance ensemble seeks to capture a little piece of that immortality.

The scene: an audition. A cast of eager talent competing to dance the role of Freddie Mercury in a brilliant new piece of choreography set to Queen´s Bohemian Rhapsody. Each dancer is desperate for the role; each has their own story, desires and motivations. But only one dancer can win the part.

The choreographer has brought in experienced music producer Laco Lučenič to help him choose his Freddie. Lučenič remixes Queen´s greatest hits ˝live˝ to create fresh, surprising new tracks, incorporating a DJ set into the performance. By breathing new life into classic songs, Lučenič hopes to inspire the best candidate to explore their own creative potential.

Powerful music and superb dance performances characterize the work of this exciting young company, who weave together personal testimony and an innovative engagement with Queen´s music to create a powerful, moving mirror of their own world.

Developed here as a series of micro-narratives, the dancers are shown as dancers often are – artists living on the edge and in fierce competition for a role which only one of them can get! A calm opening belies a storm of twists and turns and an astonishing dénouement in this story of ambition, creation and the artistic struggle for fulfillment.

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