Woman Claims Liqueur Chocs Behind Drunk Driving

A 47-yr old woman was caught by the police around 8 o’clock this morning well over the limit, and not just the speeding limit, as around 1.63 per mille of blood alcohol content (BAC) was measured on a breathaliser, allegedly from her eating liqueur chocolates, SITA newswire reports.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The woman was heading into the centre of Nitra at more than 20kph over the speed limit this morning, and so was stopped by the police. After a breathaliser test revealed that she was well under the influence, she tried to convince the police officers that she had not drunk anything, only eaten rum-filled chocolates. After a second test gave the same result, the police charged her with causing a threat under the influence, for which she could get a year behind bars. No sweet justice here.


  1. The Large amount of Snow in the UK perhaps?

  2. Deaths on Britain’s roads rose 3% in 2011, figures show
    Based on police reports, 1,901 people died in 2011, compared with 1,850 in 2010. The number of deaths had been falling since 2003.

    1. Ian – the rise is unfortunate and no doubt there will be an effort to discover why. The British figures are bad, without a doubt but if you take into account the UK has a population 13 times the size of the Sk and, I believe, a higher road usage per capita – well do the maths, the figures speak for themselves.
      300 dead in the Sk would equate to almost 4,000 fatalities in the UK conversely the current UK tally would equate to only 24 deaths in the Sk.
      Yes, we have loonies on the road in the UK but nowhere near as many as there are here. Did you see the report on the 4 x 4 that hit the grandmother, mother and child a few months back – the driver was doing 135km on a normal urban road when he lost control and over 100km when he hit his victims – in the UK he would have been locked up for his own safety.

      1. I agree with you Dave but this is a trend that is spreading through Europe, maybe its time the driving test is looked at and changed in all countries.

        1. The expo in Strecno gave a breakdown of the causes of road accidents in Sk. I’m crap at remembering exact stats but (surprise, surprise) speed and dangerous overtaking were, by an overwhelmingly margin, the main causes. Alcohol was less of a factor than I’d thought it might be.

          Slovakia does have a lot of roads where driving can be tricky. One I use fairly regularly is through Sturec, between Turcianske Teplice and B Bystrica, which has 25 hairpin bends up to the top of the range. But the driving doesn’t take account of those conditions. I guess driving instruction doesn’t either.

          But, for me, the whole ‘I could save 30 seconds here and I don’t give a f**k about anyone else’ mentality is the real problem.

        2. Ian – Spot on my friend. Driving tests – It’s a long time since I took mine in the UK but I believe there is still no motorway element, We don’t teach driving in snow and only cover the theory of skids. I know the test has changed since I had to show my skills, but I do know trying to slip the examiner a tenner or “relieving him” was frowned upon.
          Meanwhile here in the SK, no licence – no problem, have lessons with anyone who sets up a driving school – no problem, give some sort of sweetner for a pass – no problem, buy a car that you have no experience of driving – no problem, get insurance for a motor that will kill you and others – no problem, drive like a total w*%$¬£r on the roads – no problem, use the phone while driving – no problem and kill or maim somebody while driving – slap on the wrist ” and don’t do it again”
          Yes, as more cars go on the roads, driving tests should adapt, and all EU countries should appreciate that. Here in the Sk it’s treat as an optional extra with little or no regulation and jack enforcement.
          The Sk will have to continue with their little, sad, shrines and burying their loved ones.

  3. totally agree with the agressive drivers in SK, but as well, the system and traffic planning of the BA is really inefficient and dangerous.

  4. oh, and the lazy police do nothing to remedy this. instead of actively catch aggressive drivers, they plant it at a known corner to set up a speed trap or bottle neck traffic on the highway to check for toll stickers. matter of fact the traffic lights at a local intersection are commonly out when i take my kids to school. it’s a busy intersection as well. no traffic cops out at all because they set up radar 300km down the road to see if they can’t snag some additional fines. the police in this country are complete buffoons, totally incompetent.

  5. yeah and try doing several thousands of km on a bike here in this knuckle dragging place. ughh

  6. I always fear when I do have to get behind the wheel in Slovakia, it is a risk you have to think about! My wife, who had absolutely no problem driving on a six lane city road in Phoenix AZ with vehicles so big you could drive under them in any Europeans car…. won’t drive to the store in our car here in Slovakia! Why? Because she is smart! I have driven all over America, Canada, and Europe…. I must say that driving in Slovakia is the toughest and you must be extrememly alert at all times. I wish just once I would see one of these boneheads pulled over for passing illegally and charged for attempted Murder! The beginning of the summer driving hasn’t even started yet, so let’s see if the Slovaks keep records of accidents abroad caused by Slovaks!

  7. A classic example of why Sk drivers think they are bulletproof has just unfolded in the street. Vinci Park and the Mess aka Police have just clamped two vehicles, parked in parking bays withou valid, payed tickets – fair enough. On the other side of the street are three cars parked on the pavement ( Illegal since September last year Eu 60.00) , obstructing pedestrian access ( Illegal since last September Eu 60.00) and without any payment (Eu 60.00 an offence in a controlled parking zone) so there is Eu 440.00 in fines not collected on just 10m of road! Why I wonder. There is no point passing laws when the enforcing agencies don’t give a damn.

  8. Strecno castle (of all places) had a very graphic exhibition on road use, accidents and their consequences a couple of years back. When I say ‘graphic’, I mean in most of the right respects. It wasn’t voyeuristic, but it was shocking and it was statistically informative. Of course, the venue was appropriate in one way – the castle stands above one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the country.

    On the same stretch of road, there was a survey carried out a while ago. I don’t recall all the details, but it was about how much more quickly you would get from Vrutky to Zilina (about 25km) in morning or evening traffic if you took risks and overtook, compared with if you simply drove sensibly and didn’t overtake. Answer – 60 seconds.

    Also agree with most of what’s been said above.

    1. Time is everything James, it’s a shame many Sks haven’t realised that your dead for a long, long time when their trying to save seconds here and there.

  9. I am quite honestly amazed how many times people agree with me on this forum, but complain about me, because I have the courage to say it as it is and not, with all the politically correct sub clause and brown nosing .

    I guess being an honest, forward thinker is both a talent and a curse .

    I can can still smell horse shit BTW ???

  10. I have to agree with most of the comments made. I have driven in many countries in Europe and Slovakia has been an eye opener for me. Paris was bad and Rome quite rude but in Slovakia basic road skills for most drivers are ignored. There are good drivers out there but not many I’m afraid. ūüôĀ

  11. Some Sk drivers are careful and courteous but there is a sizable number who should not be allowed behind the wheel. The number of drivers I see on a daily basis who can’t perform the most basic maneouvres is shocking. The total disregard for road signs suggests that many can’t see or read. Many believe the law does not apply to them – speeding, using mobile phones, overloaded vehicles, illegal parking etc. BUT where are the police? A couple of officers stood on the main cross roads here, with a till, could make a big hole in the National deficit in one day. Our local council pleads poverty yet 30 plus vehicles are illegally parked every day just down the street, many of which should get two fines ( Euro 120.00) each but the local Mess aka Police just drive by without a care in the world. The streets round about are full of cars each evening, the occupants drinking in the local bars until the early hours, yet in the three years I have been here not once have the police breathalised anyone. Travelling on the bus or trolley is an eye opener, if the driver isn’t talking or texting on his mobile he is talking to a friend sat in the windscreen.
    You take your life in your own hands in the “pedestrian zone” which is used as short cut by arrogant drivers with impunity. The local taxi drivers have their own “highway code” that allows them to go down one streets the wrong way or sound their horns at 3am. Tailgating at speed is a national sport. Overtaking with no regard for the road markings or oncoming traffic is a well practised skill. The use of mirrors and indicators obviously is not part of the Sk test. All of this and now it appears that many drivers are arseholed behind the wheel. I used to feel safe in my Landrover but I think I’ll upgrade to a T-74 or avoid the roads as much as possible.

  12. Oh I missed the Slovak Shitheadness classic, overtaking you from behind ( often crossing the white lines ) on the slip road to a major road or motorway. One second you are all clear in you mirrors, ready to join the main traffic , the next some C$#T in an Audi or 4×4 is right beside you in the lane, after having been behind you on the slip road .

    Can anyone on here smell horse shit BTW ?

  13. Wow, I agree with both Dave and George on this one. When I drive, normally with my entire family with me, I am always trying to give space in front of me for reaction time. I have been passed so many times by stupid drivers around blind corners and double white lines that I can’t even count it. I don’t care if they get into an acciden, but I don’t want to be involved! These “Passing to get one car ahead” drivers are a huge problem!!! If I am in so much of a rush to disregard all traffic laws, to put other drivers and people on the roads at risk, and to need to overtake one car at a time to get to my location the 30-45 seconds ahead of the car behind me, I will stop driving! I just don’t get it, not at all! I was tought to only pass on an open road when one car is slower, not 30 cars in a line! Are people really this stupid and this disrespectful to all other motorists? Guess So!! As for the Chocolate lover… how many boxes does it take to get to that level? Suppose the one year behind bars will be good for her diet as well!

  14. I have to vote Slovak drivers, as the worst I have ever encountered in Europe. No thought for others, no road discipline, no courtesy to other road users. This mad, often dangerous obsession to get one car in front of you, even in a huge line of traffic ….I must overtake, why ? Every day I see at least one nasty accident, perhaps even 3 or 4 some days . All driving too close together, too fast and perhaps not thinking as they are on their mobile phone and often in places on the roads, that have no obvious danger area . Sheer shitheadness .

  15. J.B. The paper should give an annual award for the lamest excuse for being caught driving under the influence – it will be hard to judge.
    Mature women found to be *$&*faced at 8am – chances are 1 in 10 of the vehicles that passed the police stop were driven by people in a similar state.
    I have lost the body count so far this week on the roads, are we in double figures yet? The sad little shrines that line the roads in this country should have signs next to them outlining how the people died – ” Three times over the limit, speeding, lost control – 4 dead” it may just focus the attention of drivers on the dangers of drink – well those sober enough to read them.

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