Woman with 2 Children Mowed Down on Pedestrian Crossing

A 36-ur old woman was run over with her baby in a pram on a pedestrian crossing this week in Kosice in an accident that is becoming all too typical on the roads.

After a trolley bus stopped to let the woman cross with her 8-month old baby and her 2-yr old daughter, a car speeding up the other lane refused to stop and mowed into them. Luckily for the 48-yr old driver, the mother is expected to recover from her injuries in about three weeks, while her baby should be fine within a week. The woman’s two year old daughter could take up to 3 months to get over her injuries, cites news portal Webnoviny.sk.

All too often in Slovakia drivers attempt to speed through pedestrian crossings even though they know that someone has clearly stopped to let someone past. I personally recently saw a woman miss death by a whisker in the same situation in Bratislava, saved only by me shouting at her to stop. Special precaution should always be taken on Slovak pedestrian crossings, as many drivers think they are there only for ornamental purposes.


  1. Hi,
    What’s happening regarding this?
    I was mowed down by a motorcyclist today on a pedestrian crossing.
    What made things worse was the fact that I heard him accelerate and deliberately drive into me.
    I was on a crossing which is traffic light controlled and, yes, I crossed the road while the pedestrian sign was red but…
    There were no cars on the main road, the motorcyclist was in a side street and he made it his mission to knock me down even though I was almost across the road.
    I sustained bruising on my arm and I contacted the police. The incident was recorded on CCTV and I was told that the motorcyclist had the right of way.
    Does it really give him the right to knock me over?
    I was astounded when the police wanted to give ME a penalty for crossing when I shouldn’t have done.
    It’s a pedestrian crossing for god sake!

  2. I have a first reply concerning the slippery crossing paint:

    There was an article 2 years ago. The experts say the reason why the paint is slippery is that the paint layers are too thick, the painting machines not good and the air temperature during the painting time was inappropriate.

    More expensive paint would be a solution but it has also some disadvantages.
    My advice – send complaints to your local municipality /Magistrat/.

    1. Never a Slowvaks fault as usual , dear Nob…

      This time the paint is slippery…the excuse is that the paint layers are too thick, the painting machines not good and the air temperature during the painting time was inappropriate. What next, wrong type of snow so that is the reason it is not cleared from the roads, of leaves on the rail tracks ???

      1. Read again Georgina – Who was painting the stripes, who chose the time? The people. So it’s the people’s fault.

        1. But they all were Slowvaks , RIGHT ???

  3. Loggie
    Your home town sound like the type of place I could live. There are other towns where the elected officials actually do the job their elected to do, and do it well, so hats off to your brother. I was in Bojnice earlier this year and I thought I was on another planet, Meska Police present, highly visable, doing a good job. Not only enforcing regulations but offering friendly help and advice to visitors. Cyclists forced to dismount before entering the pedestrian zone, businesses not allowed to have music blaring out at any time of the day or night, no garish bill boards or posters, well maintained pavements and roads. plenty of litter bins, street cleaners etc. All in all a very pleasant town which obviously has realised that visitors provide much of the income. Back here home in Presov, everything is the complete reverse, the city is run for the benefit of certain parties, the public are considered a nuisance, the MP are actually directed not to enforce regulations as it may damage certain businesses, the elected officials are like ghosts and will not accept that they are responsible for what happens or doesn’t happen in the town, the streets are filthy and in disrepair and anti-social behaviour in all its forms is the norm.
    Back on topic, the local council don’t have money for road safety yet we gain a new and very expensive statue almost every year, the MP can’t enforce road regulations yet are training to deal with a potential CBRN attack, CCTV systems are not monitored while the MP go to the shooting range almost every day. It is quite clear that there is a lack of priorities in this and many other towns and until people like Loggies brother take control and make an effort, things will only get worse.

  4. I believe that this tradgedy is the latest of a number of similar incidents reported this year. Killed, maimed, nearly killed or just a near miss on a crossing – they are all equally serious and indicate that the basic rules of the road are being ignored.
    On this specific incident was I the only one amazed to see the offending driver free to wonder about giving interviews and chatting to onlookers? Don’t the SVK police have handcuffs, do they not interview all witnesses separately? but then again a convicted criminal hasn’t “turned up” for his prison sentence and suprise, suprise they can’t find him – maybe on the beach in Belize!
    Many of the other comments mention the general lack of lighting on many crossings, the obscured traffic signs and the use of inappropriate materials for road markings etc. – is this not a concern to the police? Loggie is quite correct that such concerns should be reported, like the dead trees overhanging the road as reported on JOJ last night, but when concerns are just ignored by the authorities or they absolve themselves of responsibility with feeble excuses, there seems little point in making a complaint.
    George M – by using Dulux emulsion or gloss for road markings the firms contracted to do the work are keeping themselves employed and paid. The parking bay markers in our street are repainted twice a year as are most of the other road markings in the city. If they were marked with a material with a 5 – 10 year life span they would quickly paint themselves out of a job. The use of proper road marking paint would enable “rumble strips” not to mention Zig-Zags on the approaches to crossings, train crossings, schools and junctions etc, it is also reflective, non slip and relatively cheap – but hey, why do a job properly, once, when you can create continious employment by using crap.
    Of course, adequate lighting, clear signage and the use of appropriate materials would make things better but none of these will prevent idiot drivers, that can only be achieved in part by enforcement and making an example of them.
    Our local council decided to create cycle lanes (EU funded), most are on pavements though. The paint and colour selected – a narrow line of a watery, dark green, shiny gloss that becomes invisible when wet. The signs indicate that there is a cylcle track, somewhere, but as cyclists, motorists or pedestrians can’t see the markings, all groups just use all the available space with the inevitable consequences.

    1. DC. I think I got it over the road paint and the jobs creation scheme long ago . Mind you isn`t all of Slowvakia employment like that ? There are no real jobs here, just Government created ….either by direct employment, via Local Council funding, or say Kia or Samsung etc with Tax breaks and other massive incentives ??? Other than that they would be woodcutters or sheep herders.

      When I cross the road in Slowvak, I think once, look twice and think a fcukwit Slowvak like Nob of Juki is driving a car here !

    2. Slovak police is just a group of morons. Nothing more. I love their new slogan “to help and to protect”. It is really interesting to see that the places, where the help and protection are most needed are places where e.g. highway starts or ends. But I have never seem their in front of a school during common working day, especially when the cars are driving 60 kmh and more here.

      1. Voda …Police`s new slogan, “to help and to protect” , means to help and to protect themselves .

  5. Losgar – tell me what is not sad about a woman and her children nearly killed? Does it really require that someone dies – maybe a toddler – until you react? I have lived in Kosice for 5,5 years now, and I have seen and experienced many similar situations as a pedestrian. Even crossings painted red, which are clearly marked for pedestrians, are extremely dangerous. I think it reflects the situation of driving in Slovakia overall, the times I was driving I saw many crazy overtakings and close to death experiences. And when I first moved here I would wonder why there’s so many flowers and candles next to the roads. The “friday-accident” we would call it. Irresponsible and reckless, and lacking respect of human life.

    1. Pam…all these flowers and candles seem to be under tree`s as well . The only tree in the entire road and the one hit dead centre on by the drivers car …

      BTW. I was driving from Ba to my house in Austrian yesterday ….controlled crossing in town, with GREEN lights for me to go, and some moron talking on mobile phone, not looking skipped across in front of me . How I missed her, I do not know … in any other car but my 911, would the brakes have been good enough ?

    2. Pamela – I see why JB used this story to set an example. I didn’t try to belittle this sad story. I just found the article a bit convenient considering this topic got discussed only 2 days ago. Also this story looks more like a comment then an article. That’s all.

      As you can read below Pamela – I’ve just contacted TV Markiza, TV TA3 and SME daily /this email bounced back to my email box so I will send it again later/ and gave them this idea /slipper crossings in Bratislava/ for their reportage. So you see Pamela that I am the only one person on this forum who actually tried to do something about this problem.

      1. …the only person ?? How much brown nosing can just one Slowvak do eh ?

  6. Well, on one hand I must say, I am Slovak and citizen of Bratislava and always slow down in front of pedastrian crossing. Morover, almost everytime I stop my car when everyone is standing on the edge of crossing (except those cases, when someone’s BMW is tailgating me). On other hand, my bahaviour always miss the favour of other drivers. Once I stopped to let a lady walk through crossing, while old renault overtaken me almost hitting her. I was angry gesticulating on this driver when he backed off and scremed to me that I am peace of tihs… I must sadly remark, this behaviour is quite common for slovak drivers

  7. I noticed today that the paint used on the crossings couldn’t be more slippy, so everyone had to walk around the edges. The lack of lighting at crossings here has always been an issue I couldn’t fathom, as well as their positioning at junctions and right at corners. I have stopped many times at crossings only to look in terror as the people I let cross almost got smashed by some speeding would-be ‘macher’. There never was a culture of giving way to pedestrians at crossings here, and it hasn’t really improved.

    1. JB, if the people walk on the edges because the paint is slippery it’s not OK. Last night was snowing a lot here /in China/, today I checked the zebra stripes thoroughly. It wasn’t slippery at all.

      I have a suggestion: Why don’t you inform the local traffic department. It’s their duties to solve these problems. Think of it as an investigative journalism. Then you can write an article about this experience. They have the duty to reply, to solve the problem,… if an accident happens they will bear all the responsibility.
      You will have my deep respect if you do that.
      I think later you can offer this article to Sme daily f.e. Not a bad idea to bring Daily.sk closer to the light.

      If you don’t have time for it, please tell me where the crossing is. I’m willing to do that. The best thing would be if you could also take pictures of the people walking on the edges of the crossing and send it to my email box. Thanks!!!

      1. Nob, I think JB would rather stick pins in his eyes .

      2. I pick my son up from school in Karlova Ves every day and since the snow I have experienced the slippery White paint crossings…what is funny is that when they paint, they are supposed to throw across the wet surface a no-slip material that should drie into the paint… Not in Bratislava though! It is not just the crossings but the areas that enter the street… At Molecova Tram the crossing is higher than the street, so if it is icy you must stay back one meter from the road as the “waiting area” next to the raod is a direct slope to the traffic…I grab my son’s hand every time and say keep back, this is not safe…one wrong step and you are sliding into the traffic sppeding through the light to make the turn.. Only my view, all crossings in Slovakia are a chance crossing, with or without snow! The LAW should change and enforcement should be greater. I must say in England I was impressed, as even if I was just stading on the corner waiting, cars stopped….maybe they thought I was working???

        1. Thanks Expat! It’s clear now. I guess no pictures are needed then.

          I am going to send emails to 4-5 medias right now.

          1. Cowput , the English cars stop because of education and road discipline …..well that and you we wearing a white coat and holding big lolly pop stick with STOP writton it .

            …oh maybe they thought I was working??? ….Dope .

        2. I Suggest a shopping trolly full of bricks at each crossing, to push out prior to walking across!
          Sure even the most arrogant of drivers would yield!!! just a thought 🙂

  8. What a load of ethnocentric w*nk. People need to realise that Slovak pedestrian crossings are designed to lure in sucker pedestrians so that Slovak motorists can enjoy the national sport of smearing people all over the road. Is that your brain bouncing down the road, grandma, well you wont do that again in a hurry, will you.

    1. Yes SJ, I agree, as stated below, I dont think Crossings are well marked, or that visible for motorists? The cheap white paint ( rather than use the toothpaste we use on UK road markings) rubs out very fast. The Crossings are not well lit…or have no `cats eyes` on most , no mid road islands and what the hell is that daft blue crossing sign stuck two meters from the crossing, you have to try and pick out among all the Billa, Lidl`s , Sex Clinics and Erotic Roulette bars adverts .

      There is one Crossing near the Ba Bus Station, I have nearly wiped out three daft old woman, playing chicken with the cars …

      1. Georgina – next time stop before the crossing and let the people pass. Or were the old ladies crossing the road on red light?

        Doesn’t matter! You see people on the road you let them cross, no matter whether there is no crossing or you have green light.

        1. Nobhead, What I love about Slowvak women is they just have to have an opinion on everything, even it be utter crap, misinformed and will lecture you on something you already know, by stating the bleeding obvious.

          I guess the feline side of you was coming out there …or check you still have undercarriage, OK ? Perhaps your friend can help you here, no ?

  9. Just watch TV JOJ or Marka this evening Nobhead …Blue flashing lights, Body parts poking out, Blood splattered Sheets over the Corpse and roof cut off cars, and engines missing all for your enjoyment and upfront and personal.

    I just wonder how the TV guys get there before the ambulance …perhaps they dont have a map in cab ?

    1. I haven’t watched any TV for 4 months now. Please feel free to inform us all if there is a case of anybody been killed on a pedestrian crossing.

      1. Yea I guess after being buggered by `your friend` , it could make you cross eyed and make TV watching a bit difficult .

        Nobhead …do your own research ……

  10. JB, there are no information about people been killed on pedestrian crossings? Only nearly killed?
    I think it can happen, I don’t say it can’t happen, it’s just if it happened I think you would prefer to write those much sadder stories, wouldn’t you?

    After all you can’t be everywhere to save all the people.

    1. When I lived in Kosice there was once notorious crossing just 800m from the Hospital…in one year working near that intersection I saw/witnessed/or observed 5 people hit by a motor vehicles! One time the individual hit was thrown over 20 Meters, stood up and was fine after a slight recovery, but the driver got out and had a Heart Attack due to the shock, and needed more attention than the person that was run down! This intersection has changed with flashing lights and lighted crossing areas since then…it only took one year to fix the problem, but complaints from deliver trucks and emergency vehicles took the raised area out and now it is free game for crossing pedestrians…I don’t know how many more people were hit in the past 2 years, but I am sure it didn’t get any better!

      1. I see what you mean Expat.

        I come from a small town – 15.000 people. Things get changed quite fast. My brother is a member of the town council, and they meet weekly and talk about all the complaints coming from the town’s citizens. People come always first.

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