Women are still paid less than men

TASR newswire reports how men in Slovakia still expect higher salaries than women, with the difference working out at about 31% higher. This is the claim of Lucia Burianova from the biggest internet job portal in Slovakia Profesia.sk.

The portal claims that the average monthly salary that men expect to get is EUR 863, while women are more modest in expecting just EUR 660. The 31% figure is not entirely accurate, though, because a full analysis of men and women in the same job posts would have to be carried out, and so Burianova doesn’t feel that the pay difference points to discrimination.

The difference between men and women in the same position is about 14%, according to Burianova, with the biggest difference of 41% seen in in employees with a manual technical education.

Another aspect pointed out by the job portal is that younger and older age groups are closer to each other in terms of gender equality in pay levels (17% and 14% respectively), while the age group between 35 and 44 shows the biggest differentiation, i.e. 39%.

Volksbank analyst Vladimir Vano told TASR that it is not so simple to compare the salaries of men and women because there is no clear cut methodology that would take into account things like work experience, qualifications and the like. He also noted that the type of profession plays a large part, because in stable clerical jobs such as in public administration, the lower salary is counterbalanced by a higher degree of job stability.

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