Young driver ploughs down and kills two 12-yr old girls

A sad traffic accident occurred on Wednesday in the village of Dubovany near Piestany, when a 19-year old driver with previous offences ploughed into two 12-yr old girls after they got off the bus.

One of the girls, Simon, died on the spot, and there was hope for the other girl, Alica, as the rescue and medical teams did all they could to save her life. She was rushed to hospital and operated on, but around 5 a.m. yesterday she also died as her injuries were too severe.

photo: Regional Fire Brigade KR HaZZ Trnava/Sita

Young Alice’s father was one of the medical rescue team that was called to the site of the accident, reports SITA news agency.

The 19-year old driver of the now written off Citroen ZX, a local of Dubovany, ended up in hospital with serious injuries also, but he will survive, as is often the case with accidents like this. The police still have to investigate the speed the driver was doing when the accident happened, and they are also waiting for drug test results.

The driver, who is now facing charges of manslaughter, has already been in trouble with the police for speeding in populated areas, and in December 2010 he was accused of two cases of theft. In January 2011 he was also up for grievous bodily harm.

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