Young Brit Dies after Dive into Strkovec Lake

A trip to Slovakia ended in tragedy for a group of British tourists on Saturday evening after one of them jumped off the Strkovec Hotel terrace into Strkovec lake in Bratislava, never to be seen alive again.

The fateful lake in Bratislava

Witnesses said the men were clearly under the influence, according to TV Markiza, but nobody would have expected a harmless prank to end in the loss of the young 28-year Scot’s life. Witnesses also say the man surfaced and swam a little before he disappeared, which is why nobody expected anything was wrong.

The cause of death is still unknown, but a mix of alcohol and the colder then expected water could cause a heart attack, or he may have got cramp. The man’s friends are obviously in shock and understandably refuse to speak about the incident.

[Article corrected: the deceased was Scottish not English]


  1. He was Scottish and I know because I know the guy so get your facts right before you speak and he was there on a stag do

    1. Sorry. Our apologies and sympathies.

  2. Protocols of family identification, police investigation, inquest and issue of death certificate obviously take priority over the rest of us learning the facts of this misfortune.
    Try a little respect, please.

  3. I think George has all the rights to demand a higher level of information. I do not see why Anti George has a problem with that.

  4. George do us all a favour……..

  5. There is no named individual here, age,height , weight etc . Why is that ? How do you know he was even English ? Why were they staying in a dump like the Strkovec Hotel?

    A good news hound would have the exclusive to this,no ?

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