Zemkova to take helm of Slovak broadcaster RTVS

What fate awaits Slovak radio building? (c) Tibor Macak, The Daily

The new head of public broadcaster RTVS has finally been decided on, with the post to be held by Miloslava Zemkova, who has been filling the spot interim. She was the head of Slovak Radio, which was merged with Slovak Television into the single broadcasting company RTVS.

Zemkova received 80 votes in parliament, which satisfied the requirement of a simple majority of present MPs. This meant she won the final round of the selection process, beating sole rival Jaroslav Reznik by a landslide.

Earlier culture minister Daniel Krajcer tipped Zemkova as his personal favourite, while his Smer-SD predecessor Marek Madaric says the result just goes to prove that the government had a political nominee for the post all along.

At least now the broadcaster can get down to the business of filling the black hole of finances left at Slovak Television, but the anticipated changes don’t suit everyone, of course, as some of the dubious disadvantageous contracts will be stopped.

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