Distributors use green energy as price hike excuse

The Slovak Association of the Photovoltaic Industry (SAPI), which was only established in July this year, has hit back at claims of energy distributors that electricity prices will have to increase from next year because of their obligation to purchase a certain percentage of green energies.

The statement issued by SAPI states that the energy distributors in question are not prepared to disclose the true figures about how many solar power plants will be connected to the grid this year, while no wind power plants will be connected at all.

The distributors ZSE Distribucia and SSE-D have already filed their price proposals for next year to the regulatory authority URSO, justifying their hikes also by the obligatory use of alternative sources.

SAPI strongly rejects the claim and has called for specific information from the distributors to prove its point. It claims the price hikes are mainly due to higher contributions to the nuclear fund NJF for the safe disposal of spent nuclear waste.

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