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Former PM Fico under pressure

Many in Slovak politics and in the media have either suspected for years or felt they knew of the murky ties three-times former PM Robert Fico has had with various shady characters from the criminal underworld.

Assistance for Ukrainians

Since the Russian Federation brutally invaded the neighbouring Ukraine and shunted the world back some 60 years, millions of innocent people have had to flee their homes and families.

Cartoons about Slovakia

When in Bratislava, Do as ….
Keeping a Straight Face
The Robot Surrogate Mother

The Daily Diary

The Daily Diary is a series of editorials on experiences from my life in Slovakia over 27 years. John Boyd

New Evidence in Case of Missing Journalist Miro Pejko

Ten days ago saw the third anniversary of the disappearance of journalist Miroslav Pejko from his home without a trace, with very …

The Journalist, TheDaily and Slovak Media

Part 1 of The Daily Diary editorials It may come as a surprise to some, but I have worked in …

My Slovakia – Diary of an Expat

Talking to friends recently about some of the things I’ve experienced and witnessed in my lengthy 27-yr stay in Slovakia, …

Special Report: Skin and Bones