Anti-Gay Reception Awaits French President Hollande

The visit of French President Francois Hollande to Slovakia today will not be without some disruption as the anti-gay movement here plans a protest for him over France’s adoption of a law allowing same-sex marriages in May of this year.

French President Francois Hollande

The protest in Support of Family is demanding Hollande’s government do something for the millions of French people who protested for traditional family values in reaction to the law, instead of ignoring them.

The protest will take place in front of Presidential Palace at 2.30 pm, where Hollande is visiting Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic.



  1. 150,000 demonstrate in Paris with another 200,000 spread around the country – hardly the millions. A recent poll shows that the majority of the French are fed up with the religious biggots and ultra right-wing elements protesting over the recent changes in French law and many pundits are forecasting a backlash.
    President Hollande will see at first hand just how backward this country is.

  2. I don’t quite understand why a group which says they are in support of family, doesn’t realize that there are many types of family, some of which consist of two women or two men, who also have children. Families are good. They are places where children are loved. It doesn’t matter what gender composition there is in a family. I am embarrassed that this organisation even exists here. A change of name could be in order. The Bigoted, Blinkered Organisation perhaps?

  3. We all know there are no gays in Slovakia. All the men are, well, REAL men!
    Such a closed minded folk. Gays are everywhere and exceptional people.
    Want to move forward in the world arena, Slovakia? Accept that gays are everywhere and yes, even in Slovakia.

    1. There are no Gays in Slowvakia , Guys yes, but Gays no ?

  4. Oh Gosh , I have to drive pass there later today …..will I miss the protest?

    Twenty RC bigots waving placard signs of `Jesus saves but Messi scores from the rebound` !

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