Assistance for Ukrainians

Since the Russian Federation brutally invaded the neighbouring Ukraine and shunted the world back some 60 years, millions of innocent people have had to flee their homes and families.

Slovakia responded quickly to the emerging humanitarian crisis and showed its best face, putting various measures in place for refugees and asylum seekers from Ukraine. Here we will try to give some of the main contact points and information for those needing help.

The Ukrainian Embassy has a wealth of information about how to prepare and navigate the assistance system.

Information for Ukrainians entering Slovak republic

Slovakia is ready to cope with the expected arrival of people fleeing the war. We are taking steps to provide effective assistance at border crossings. You will find more detailed information about what awaits you directly at the border and after your transition to Slovakia. We will take care of you. Read more ….

Border crossings

For the people living in Ukraine who want to come to Slovakia, there are currently 3 border crossings: Ubľa, Vyšné Nemecké and Veľké Slemence.

Slovakia has set up the so-called hotspots at the border crossings and in some municipalities to speed up the administrative process that needs to be completed upon entering the country.

As Ukraine has announced mobilization, Ukrainian men aged 18-60 are not entering Slovakia.

More info at

The situation on the Ukrainian border is monitored on the website, or in a report, that is regularly updated.

The Ukrainian government infoline +380 934 185 684 is available for people from non-European countries (mainly students from Africa and Asia).

After crossing the border

After crossing the border, every resident of Ukraine will receive humanitarian aid. The Slovak Republic provides a temporary refuge for Ukrainian citizens and their families, which includes accommodation, food, health care, hygiene and access to the labor market.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations will also help and provide humanitarian and basic material assistance to every person who wants to refuge in Slovakia from the war.

After crossing the border, we ask you to visit a large-capacity center, where competent persons can direct you to the destination station in Slovakia after requesting accommodation. There, you will be provided with emergency accommodation. If you decide to look for accommodation “blindly”, there is a high probability that we will not have a place to accommodate you due to limited capacity.

Transport from the border crossing to temporary accommodation is coordinated on site. Some municipalities provide free commuter transport for the people of Ukraine. Taxi services are also available.

Some Slovak mobile operators provide SIM cards for calls and internet free of charge at the border.

You can also find a summary of important information in the video entitled: What to do after coming to Slovakia .

Temporary refuge is provided to protect foreigners from war, the consequences of a humanitarian catastrophe or a systematic or mass human rights violation in the country of origin. This is the fastest form of protection provided, which will provide foreigners with access to accommodation, food, health care and enable them to stay and work in the Slovak Republic.

Find out more about Temporary Refuge in Slovakia ….

Important contacts

Police SR

Phone number: 158112


Phone number: 155112

Fire brigade

Phone number: 150112

Slovak insurers´ Bureau

Address: Bajkalská 19B 826 58 Bratislava 29, Slovak republic

Embassy of the Republic of Ukraine

Address: Radvanská 35, 81101, Bratislava, Slovak republic
Phone number: +421 2 592 028 10

Hotlines of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic for Ukrainian-speaking persons
+421 513 816 111
+421 259 765 111

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