Bratislava: Traffic Light Party this Friday

Bratislava’s best International party ever! Meet people from more than 40 countries and enjoy traffic light atmosphere especially if you are single!

Even if you are taken, grab this unique opportunity to talk, improve foreign languages and boost your cultural awareness! Everyone is welcome and feel free to invite your friends!!! This time on Friday in a very cozy place – All Stars Cafe (Sedlarska 5) – just 30 seconds from the main square. Excellent prices and our international DJ Maghi!

What better way to get acquainted or reacquainted than a Traffic light party! What is a traffic light party??? You will all get and have to choose one bracelet:
Green: single
Orange: undecided
Red: taken
Everyone can invite anyone. The only rule is to wear your bracelet!!
Dress code: wear your colors but it is not mandatory – you will have bracelets and that is enough

Entry fee: 4 eur (one drink included) until 21:30, after 21:30 5 eur (one drink included)

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