Dzurinda Takes a Swipe at Smer

Foreign minister Mikulas Dzurinda (c) The

The Smer-SD party of Robert Fico promises security and certainty in their billboards around the country, said Dzurinda, but the only certainties should they succeed will be that Stefan Harabin will remain as Supreme Court Chairman, Jozef Centes won’t be appointed to the post of Attorney General, and major scandals won’t be properly investigated.

SDKU are upset at Smer-SD blocking the appointment of Jozef Centes for a position they feel he should have, and are preparing a visit to Fico’s home town of Topolcany, where they plan to launch a petition today.

Many see this as a smokescreen designed to avert attention away from the ‘Gorilla affair’  that heavily involves Dzurinda’s government in office from 2002-2006, and such comments were made to the effect from Gasparovic’s office last week. Smer describes it as ‘desperate’.

Smer spokesman Erik Tomas remarked: “The public remembers well how the outgoing coalition shamefully elected Centes attorney general as a purely political nominee. Smer-SD will do everything possible in order to ensure that the new attorney general is elected in a standard secret vote [in Parliament], and that the person would have support across the whole political spectrum” .



  1. Yes and no Alex. Dzurinda, after Meciar, was an archangel Gabriel, the best thing that could happen to SVK.
    But Dzurinda wasn’t a saint and the corruption that he tolerated that time is now considered unthinkable. That time, if it was published people wouldn’t mind much, but now it’s shocking and disappointing and removed Dzurinda’s halo.
    I point you another was: KDH, the christian democrats. Compare to other parties they still have the halo in my eyes. Unfortunately this country is not christian anymore and after 40 years of communism the damage on the souls is bigger then on the bodies.

  2. It’s sad to see Mikulas Dzurinda react in this way . because is the epitome of goodness and will be revered for generations to come as the finest leader Slovakia ever produced. He once wrote a book on how he galvanised democracy from the chaos that surrounded the fall from grace of Vladamir Meciar. It’s riveting reading, and gives a unique insight into just how great leaders think.He missed winning the Booker Prize for literature by a whisker, and thereby a place in the annuls of history alongside such men as Winston Churchil, James Joyce, and Enid Blyton. .

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