Government looks set to sell 100% in 6 heating companies

Following the government session today, head of the Executive Board of the national property fund FNM, Anna Bubenikova, announced that the government had approved in principle the FNM’s recommendation to selll 100% stakes in the six state-run heating companies.

Now the task of selling off stakes in the companies by way of an international tender should get underway as soon as possible, while the amount of proceeds has not been forecast yet, as this will depend on audits and offers in the tender. Previously the FNM put a total value for all six companies at around EUR 160-200 million.

The government had already announced the sale of the companies instead of holding onto them for the sake of dividends, but an analysis of the individual companies in Bratislava, Trnava, Martin, Zvolen, Zilina and Kosice was to set out the percentage on offer individually.

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