Harabin Takes Political Sides, Attacking Dzurinda and Hrusovsky


Harabin's stronghold, the Supreme Court SR (c) The Daily
Stefan Harabin, the controversial head of the Supreme Court and of the Judicial Council, has likely shown his political alliance again by comments he made in relation to the SDKU and KDH party leaders, Mikulas Dzurinda and Pavol Hrusovsky.Harabin said that Dzurinda and Hrusovsky should take a lie detector test over the allegations contained in the Gorilla corruption affair, but that the machine would probably burst into flames at the level of deceit. In response to their statements at the weekend, Harabin says they are trying to get attention away from the affair by blackening the name of the attorney general office and the judiciary.

Harabin made no comment about Robert Fico or the Smer-SD party, also suspected in the Gorilla reports, as the two men have been working together comfortably for many years already.

Slovakia doesn’t look to be set free of the chains of corruption anytime soon unless the courts, the judiciary and the Attorney General’s Office are rid of their political influences, which is almost impossible considering how these posts are filled. The anti-Gorilla protesters demanded Harabin to stand down last week as well, pointing particulary at his alleged personal relationship with Albanian drugs boss Baki Sadiki.


  1. Harabin is a bigger shit then George M’s comments and who read George’s comments knows that it’s really huge.

  2. Sadly DR , Hunters have recently lost their licence to kill Slovak dogs …..

  3. He talks pretty big for a guy willfully flaunting the decision of the Constitutional court ordering him to open his books for audit- and who knows what kind of fun stuff we’d find if he actually did as he was supposed to….

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