Justice Minister Halts Corruption Ruling on Party Colleague

Former Kosice councillor from the Smer-SD party, Frantisek Olejnik, who was convicted of corruption based on recordings of his phone calls involving a SKK 340,000 (over EUR 11,000) bribe, looks set to walk free after justice minister Tomas Borec, a Smer-SD party nominee, exercised his right of intervention, also contesting the case and Olejnik’s guilt.

How will the Supreme Court decide (c) John Boyd, The Daily.SK

Weekly Trend reported the news that Minister Borec had used his authority to prevent Olejnik from serving out a five-year prison sentence for agreeing to the bribe for the sale of two city properties in 2008. The police pounced on him when the sales of the properties went through the city council after months of phone tapping.

Thanks to Borec’s appeal, the ruling is now suspended and the case will head to the Supreme Court, which confirmed a five year sentence for party faithful Olejnik in April last year. Minister Borec denies any political sway on his decision to exercise a right that is used only in rare cases. He says the verdict was made without relevant evidence, but did not specify further.

Daily SME cites head of the Supreme Court Senate Juraj Kliment, who said “The audio recordings prove without any doubt that corruption was present in the voting”, noting also how Olejnik had sent a confirmation SMS to his alleged sponsor telling him about the outcome of the council vote.


  1. Obersturmfuhere Kotleba knows the score here regarding justice. Instead of wasting time dealing with the inevitable washwash he has called in the EU to investigate possible corruption in the Education Ministry over school contracts. I don’t like his politics but I admire his style

  2. Just about sums this place up – pigs in a trough!

    1. It never changes here, huh?
      It kind makes you wanna…
      Break into song?

      I love the mountains.
      I love the clear blue skies.
      I love big bridges.
      I love when great whites fly.
      I love the whole world.
      And all its sights and sounds.

      Boomdeyada. Boomdeyada. Boomdeyada. Boomdeyada.

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