Lipsic Announces Split From KDH

In the political arena, the right-wing block continues to splinter as former interior minister and  key figure in the Christian democrats KDH, Daniel Lipsic, announced his departure from the party yesterday, along with colleague Jana Zitnanska.

Lipsic was never fully happy in KDH - Daniel Lipsic, Jan Figel, Pavol Hrusovsky (c) The Daily

Lipsic did particularly well in the March 2012 elections, when he outdid party chairman Jan Figel in the individual votes, and he has been jostling for position ever since. Now Lipsic and Zitnanska say they are leaving the party as it is not possible to achieve certain visions in it.

The two political renegades will remain in parliament as independent MPs, with no immediate plans to set up a political party. They firstly want to monitor just how much support they would get before setting it up, most likely in the autumn of this year, says Lipsic. He says they want to achieve a goal where the state and politicians protect honest hardworking people and not oligarchs.

Lipsic pointed to how the various scandals surrounding the right-wing have turned it into a sinking ship, saying voters need someone to give them new vision and hope. He also said that his relationship with the KDH was one of mutual suffering that produced tension and friction, while wishing the party all the best for the future.

Lipsic will certainly not leave politics, so another new party should appear on the scene later this year, probably with similar policies to the KDH, but with more of a progressive approach rather than an archaic one. Some analysts have been saying the move was amateurish in its execution, but Lipsic has enough time before the next elections to rally support for his new party.

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  1. Amazing how Dipstick believes that fracturing the Right Wing ever further will help get rid of Smer or make the RW even more electable .

    This twerp has the ego the size of tall building and will end up on the sidelines of politics rather like former Ministers of Vnútra Mr Vlado Palko , who resigned the KDH in fit of pique , never to be seen in Parliament again .

    At least this idiot will never be a Minister again .

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