Lunch menu review: Eating Italian @ SQ2 Pizza, Laurinska

Lunch today was a pleasant experience at Enrico Santecchia’s authentic Italiano SQ2 PIZZA place on Laurinska.

Apart from regular pizzas or a large EUR 1.50 slice, there are various lunch menus on offer. The one I indulged in was a good-sized slice of freshly baked pizza accompanied by a portion of real potato wedges (dusted with herbs, drizzled with a little oil and roasted to perfection), together with a bottle of mineral water at just EUR 3.

Alternatively, you can choose to wash it down with some Italian wine, selected and personally brought in by the owner from Italy. Bottles of wines are also on sale and the prices seem fair.

SQ2 Pizza is a small place with not a lot of seating and no toilets, as it is basically a fast service eat-and-go or take-away business. The same friendly faces are behind the counter each day and the continuity is as linear as it gets. The other daily lunch menus include a fresh soup-of-the-day with pasta dish or salad.

It’s a far cry from the clinical franchise pizza parlours we see so often. I am not a fan of restaurants or eateries that boast home cooking, but I wish my Mamma cooked like this. This eatery doesn’t claim or boast of home cooking, it simply offers good quality food at reasonable prices with rapido service.

If its sunny and you are lucky you can avail of one of the two park style benches outside and watch the world slip by whilst you sip satisfyingly at your wine.

It’s the least pretentious eatery in the old town and is a welcome break from weird combos like the one I had recently comprising chicken steak with pineapple and melted cheese, served with potato wedges and green olives (?!).

All said and done, it’s a great little spot with good value for money and well worth a regular visit. You can get in and out and have a good little lunch quick-style, which is sometimes necessary in today’s world.


Pizza with potato wedges and mineral water: EUR 3.00

On the radio:  mostly relaxing background music

What to say: Mama Mia!

What not to say: Where’s the toilet?

Value for money: 9/10

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