Man kidnaps Slovak shooting champion using taser

Slovak national representative in sports shooting Daniela Peskova got an unusual welcome in Slovakia after returning from last week’s Grand Prix competition in Munich.

When she stopped at a petrol station in Petrzalka in Bratislava late Saturday night, an unknown man jumped into her car without warning and knocked the 26-yr old out using an electric taser.

She remembers nothing after that, but after coming round much later she called the police at around 11.30 pm dazed and afraid. She sent them to the wrong place, though, because unknown to her she was now some 15km away from the district of Jarovce where she thought she was.

The police were confused and could not get back in touch with her for a while, but eventually got to her an hour later after she noticed a sign for Rusovce.

She was then taken to hospital for an examination, where two tiny red spots on her thigh revealed that she had been stunned by an electric paralyser. Nothing had been taken from her car and there were no signs of physical abuse. Police are now looking for the culprit. Source: SITA

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