Mello Now A Free Man in Belize

Slovak fugitive Karol Mello has had his permanent residence in Belize returned by the authorities, meaning he can live there and enjoy all the liberties of a free man.

Free again; Karol Mello - photo courtesy of The San Pedro Sun

Mello’s lawyer Godfrey Smith told Plus jeden den the news that the residence status of Mello which was taken away on 28 August had now been returned. It took the court just 30 minutes to push through the decision in the absence of Mello himself, who possibly was aware of the outcome in advance.

Mello’s permanent residence was revoked as he had allegedly applied using false information, but today the court rejected the decision and closed the case, meaning Slovakia’s most wanted and most evasive fugitive can now live happily in his Caribbean paradise far from the Slovak authorities, who managed to let him escape twice in classic style.


  1. Unfortunately these are not positive news for Belize as they are not things that help the development of the country and unlike people who just leave an image damaging and harmful to the country, we expect the authorities to take appropriate measures

  2. All very true Alec but have you noticed the lack of inertia from BnMs gang? Maybe they don’t want him back – skeletons in cupboards?

    EXPAT – the 5th Special Forces Regiment would do a good job unfortunately the country can not project that force, they would need the help of a “friendly” government and the loan of long range aircraft or the use of a base. Maybe they should have “double tapped” Mello when he was on the lamb in Poland, the boys could have got there on the bus!

  3. In addition to having a UK army jungle training base,and fantastic scenery Belize, British Honduras as was, has an English common law legal system. Mr. Mello is a specialist and presumably government officials are protecting him. In any case Belize has fewer people than Bratislava so it’s not hard to imagine financial inducements would be gratefully received

  4. I should imagine Mello feels right at home, in Bleize as the Justice system runs just like the one at home in Slovakia .

    As for Cowpats idea that The Slovak authorities should just pull a “Black Ops” and perform a snatch and grab! …….What a great idea , lets add that to the long list of glorious Slovak defeats and cockup`s and declare a Public Holiday to celebrate ……National Uprising anyone ?????

  5. FIGURES! Money Talks! I wonder how the Bleize Courts can do this…then again with a little rubbing of the right wallet and the right connections, anyone can walk free! The Slovak authorities should just pull a “Black Ops” and perform a snatch and grab! I see it in the movies all the time!

    Anyway, this is yet another slap in the face of the Slovakian Authorities and their lack of any justice system! I feel for the families of the inoocent lives taken by this man.

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