Mello’s Release Looks More Doubtful

Anyone thinking runaway Karol Mello chose Belize as his hideaway home just for the sandy beaches would be mistaken, as he is now a permanent resident of the small country and a “prominent member of society” his lawyer claims, so his extradition to Slovakia is maybe off the cards.

Robert Kalinak from Smer-SD (c) Pavol Freso

Naturally, interior minister Robert Kalinak has been in contact with Belize authorities in the hope of seeing Mello, charged with multiple murders, handed back for ‘Slovak justice’. The minister’s optimism is probably fading, however.

Earlier in the week, Kalinak said there were a few possible ways of getting Mello back on Slovak soil, without revealing which, but since then Kalinak now admits the situation is more complicated than it first seemed. Mello was arrested in San Pedro on 11 July on an Interpol arrest warrant.

On 17 July, the Belize court halted Mello’s deportation while keeping him in custody, with his lawyer Goldfrey Smith (former MP) also contesting that his detention was illegal as no Belize authority had charged him with anything.

In the one year since escaping his second time from the grip of Slovak authorities, Karol Mello has taken on permanent resident of Belize, and is legally working and living there along with a wife and two children.

Karol Mello (photo:

As a local resident, Mello is entitled to be given a fair hearing by local authorities, expected to take place later today. This could be the crucial next chapter in the story of one of Slovakia’s slipperiest wanted men, who has evaded Slovak justice for over 6 years, by being let go several times and given time to vanish.

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  1. The one thing Slovakia has is to prove the documents he traveled on were fordged or not filled in tcorrectly. The question of all Migrants is of Criminal Background check, which Belize didn’t do, instead the check box was left empty for, “Are you a Wanted man in any other country”..LOL… What a joke! His money os good there, so they want to keep him!

    WHERE DO ALL THE BANKS FIT INTO THIS? The days of shipping huge bags of money through the mail systems are gone!

  2. The Commonwealth is a joke. There are too many countries like Belize.

    Or Canada – hiding war criminals for 50 years.

    God save the queen!

    1. Yeah Spider – “too many countries like Belize” who managed to nick Mello and hold him in in jail –
      Too many countries like Slovakia more like – bent, corrupt and dysfunctional.

  3. The plot thickens! Rumours abound! Questions are raised!
    Lets just hope common sense prevails and justice is served.

  4. How does one get Permanaent Residency so fast, first off, and second, how is his past not part of their migration program??

    Nice, now we all have a get out of jail free card if we can just board a plane and head to Belize!

    If they can’t get him back, make his life a living nightmare where he is! Set up camp outside his home and stalk his every move!

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